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Create Statistical Process Control Charts


Create SPC (statistical process control) charts.

Import a data file using the Import Data task assistant from the Tools-Assistants menu, or by entering data at the command line as an Array.


1 .. 26 ArrayData Type: anythingStorage: rectangularOrder: Fortran_order


Plot a C chart.

ProcessControlCChart,100,title=Nonconformities for Printed Circuit Boards - n = 100,labels=[Sample Number,Nonconformities],labeldirections=horizontal,vertical

Plot a U chart.

ProcessControlUChart,5,title=Nonconformities in Personal Computers - n = 5,labels=[Sample Number,Avg. Nonconformities Per Unit],labeldirections=horizontal,vertical

Plot a P chart.

ProcessControlPChart,50,title=Nonconforming Cans - n = 50,labels=[Sample Number,Sample Fraction Nonconforming, p],labeldirections=horizontal,vertical

Plot an NP chart.

ProcessControlNPChart,50,title=Nonconforming Cans - n = 50,labels=[Sample Number,Sample Nonconforming, np],labeldirections=horizontal,vertical

Commands Used

Array, ProcessControl[CChart], ProcessControl[NPChart], ProcessControl[PChart], ProcessControl[UChart]

See Also

ProcessControl, ProcessControl[CControlLimits], ProcessControl[NPControlLimits], ProcessControl[PControlLimits], ProcessControl[UControlLimits], Statistics