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Change of Variables


This template returns a new integral or algebraic expression specified by the change of variables equations. It is an interface to the ChangeOfVariables command in the Student Multivariate Calculus package.


The target of a change of variables can be an algebraic expression or a multiple integral.


The desired change can be a change of coordinates (select the Coordinates button) or a change specified by stating the equations relating the old and new variables (select the Equations button) and provide the equations in the field to the right of the buttons.


The recognized coordinate systems are Cartesian (both 2D and 3D), polar, spherical, and cylindrical.



Change Variables

Target of Change:


Old System:         Old Variables:  

New System:       New Variables:


Commands Used


See Also

IntegrationTools[Change], PDEtools[dchange], Student[Calculus1][IntTutor], Student[Calculus1][Rule]