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Approximate Definite Integral of a Function


Approximate the definite integral of a univariate function using a Riemann sum or a Newton-Cotes method.

Enter the function as an expression.




Specify the range of integration and the method of approximation, and then approximate the integral.

StudentCalculus1ApproximateInt,x = 0 .. π,method=trapezoid



StudentCalculus1ApproximateInt,x = 0 .. π,method=trapezoid, output= plot

Alternatively, you can use the Approximate Integrals tutor, a point-and-click interface. There are two ways to launch this tutor.


From the Tools menu, select Tutors, Calculus - Single-Variable, and then Approximate Integrals.


Enter the function to be integrated, then click the following Approximate Integrals button.

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