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plot the sum of at least two vectors


Calling Sequence




Calling Sequence

VectorSumPlot(u, v, ...,  opts)


u, v, ...


2-D or 3-D Vectors



plotting options or equation(s) of the form option=value where option is one of output, show, sumoptions, vectorcolors, vectoroptions, or Student[plot options]; specify options for the plot



The VectorSumPlot(u, v, ...) command displays the sum of the Vectors u+v+... and the individual Vectors, tail to tip, in all possible permutations.


The opts argument can contain any of the Student plot options or any of the following equations that set plot options.




output = plot or animation


This option controls the return value of the function.  [Default: plot]


* output = plot specifies a plot, which shows the vector sum and as many permutations as are specified by the show option.


* output = animation specifies that an animation is produced, with each frame showing a different permutation of the Vectors being summed. The number of permutations shown is controlled by the show option.




show = posint or all


The number of different permutations to be shown in a plot or animation. [Default: all]




sumoptions = list


A list of options for the plot of the sum of the Vectors. For more information on plot options, see plot/options.




vectorcolors = algebraic or list


A color or list of colors.  If a single color is given (not in a list), all the input Vectors are plotted in that color.  If a list of colors is given, the input Vectors are plotted using the corresponding colors from the list. If fewer colors than Vectors are specified, colors for the remaining Vectors are determined using the same sequence of colors as would be used if no vectorcolors parameter were given. For more information on plot color specification, see plot/color.




vectoroptions = list


A list of options for the plot of the individual Vectors. For more information on these options, see plots[arrow].




caption = anything


A caption for the plot.


The default caption is constructed from the parameters and the command options. caption = "" disables the default caption. For more information about specifying a caption, see plot/typesetting.





sum = <-1, 6>


sum = <1, 5>


sum = <1, 5>

The commands to create the plots from the Plotting Guide are


sum = <6, -3>

To play the following animation in this help page, right-click (Control-click, on Macintosh) the plot to display the context menu.  Select Animation > Play.


sum = <1, 3, 3>

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