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     Maple User Interfaces

          The Standard Interface

          Other Maple Interfaces

     Programming in the Standard Interface

          Document Mode and Worksheet Mode

          1-D and 2-D Math Notation

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List of Tables

Table 2.1: Special Characters

Table 2.2: Reserved Keywords

Table 2.3: Binary Operators

Table 2.4: Unary Operators

Table 2.5: Element-wise Operators

Table 2.6: Token Separators

Table 2.7: Subtype

Table 3.1: Initially Known Names

Table 5.1: Operators That Can Be Rebound

Table 6.1: Procedure Operands

Table 7.1: Floating-Point Contagion Rules

Table 11.1: RandomnessTests

Table 14.1: Basic Data Types

Table 14.2: Compound Data Types

Table 14.3: Printer Commands

Table 16.1: sieveTest.mpl

Table 16.2: sieveTest2.mpl

Table 16.3: Modified sieveTest2.mpl

Table appendix1.1: Maple Structures