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Maplets Package Updates


The Maplets package has been updated several times since its release as an add-on package to Maple 7; in Maple 8, Maple 9, Maple 9.5, and, most recently, in Maple 10.


Updates in Maple 8

Updates in Maple 9

Updates in Maple 9.5

Updates in Maple 10

Updates in Maple 8


Changes to the Maplets package in Maple 8 include the following.

Get, Set, and SetOption Changes


The major change to the Maplets package is to the routines Get and Set and the element SetOption.  Previously, it was necessary to convert all values to strings such as "true", "false", or "#A332D3" which represents a violet color.  These routines now accept the same input as the original element.


For example, the following Maplet application has a button with a red background. Clicking the first button changes the background to blue.  Clicking the second button changes the background to green.


ToGreen := proc()
   print( Maplets:-Tools:-Get( 'B(background)' ) );
   Maplets:-Tools:-Set( 'B(background)' = 'green' );
end proc:

maplet := Maplet([
      'background' = 'red',
      SetOption('B(background)' = 'blue')
      Evaluate( function = 'ToGreen()' )



This affects setting options such as visible, enabled, and other boolean valued options, where strings ("true" and "false") should be converted to symbols ('true' and 'false').

Other Changes


New elements CheckBoxMenuItem, MathMLEditor, and RadioButtonMenuItem.


The onclick option is no longer available to the RadioButton element.


The ButtonGroup element now has an onchange option.


The group option is no longer available to the ToggleButton.


The Window element now has the option defaultbutton.


The onchange option in TextField and TextBox is no longer fired when ENTER is pressed.


The ComboBox, DropDownBox, and ListBox elements now have the options appenditem and itemlist options.


The Plotter element now includes the continuous, cyclic (deprecated in Maple 9), delay, frame_backwards, frame_forward, pause, start, `stop`, to_end, and to_start options.

Updates in Maple 9


Changes to the Maplets package in Maple 9 include the following.


Enhancements enable you to interactively rotate 3-D plots in Maplet applications.


The cyclic option to the Plotter element has been deprecated. The option 'cyclic'=true is interpreted as 'continuous'=true. The option 'cyclic'=false is ignored.

Updates in Maple 9.5


Changes to the Maplets package in Maple 9.5 include the following.


New elements HorizontalGlue and VerticalGlue.

Updates in Maple 10


Changes to the Maplets package in Maple 10 include the following.


The FileDialog element now has a fileselectionmode option.


The MathMLEditor and MathMLViewer elements now have the additional options breakwidth, visible, and wrapped.


The MathMLEditor element has also been updated to include an outputformat option.

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