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Hints for Maplet Application Users






This help page is intended primarily for Maplet application users. Some information may be helpful to Maplet application authors.



The following topics are covered in this help page:


How to start the Maplets Package


How to invoke a Maplet application from the Maple worksheet


How to close a Maplet application


How to work with Maplet applications and the Maple window (Modality)


How to activate a Maplet application window


How to terminate and restart a Maplet application


How to use graphical user interface shortcuts



How to Start the Maplets Package


If you receive a Maple worksheet with Maplets code, you must first invoke the Maplets package.


Press the [Enter] key after these two possible execution groups:



How to Invoke a Maplet Application from the Maple Worksheet


To start a Maplet application, press the [Enter] key after the last colon (:), semicolon (;), or anywhere in an execution group to execute the Maplets code.


In the following example, the Maplet application is written as one execution group. You can press [Enter] anywhere in the execution group to execute the code:

mymaplet := Maplet([
["Hello World", Button("OK", Shutdown())]



In the following example, the Maplet application is written as two execution groups. The Maplet application must be defined before using the Display command.

my2maplet := Maplet([
["Hello World #2", Button("OK", Shutdown())]


How to Close a Maplet Application


If the Maplet application contains a cancel button, press Cancel.


Otherwise, click the appropriate Close icon for your platform.


For example:

In macOS:


Click the leftmost button in the upper left corner of the Maplet application window title bar. The Maple application closes.



Note: The icon varies with window manager.


Click the [-] icon in the upper left corner of the Maplet application window title bar. A drop-down list box appears.


Select Close.

In Windows:


Click the [x] icon in the upper right corner of the Maplet application window title bar. The Maplet application closes.

How to Work With Maplet Applications and the Maple Window (Modality)


When a Maplet application is running, the Maple worksheet is inaccessible.  If you move the cursor across the worksheet, an icon (clock in UNIX (depending on your window manager), hourglass in Windows) appears, indicating that the worksheet is inaccessible.


The Maplet application must be closed or allowed to complete an action before the Maple worksheet can be accessed.

How to Activate a Maplet Application Window


Click an input field in the Maplet application. The input field appears highlighted.


Enter the appropriate expression, numbers, or text as required.

How to Terminate and Restart a Maplet Application


With long computations, you may wish to stop the computation.


To terminate the current Maplet application process, click the [x] (or appropriate close icon for your platform) that is on the Maplet application title bar.


To restart the terminated Maplet application, run the Maplet application by using the lastmaplet tool.


How to Use Graphical User Interface Shortcuts

Drop-down List Boxes


Some Maplet applications contain drop-down list boxes.


Enter the first character of any item in the list. The list automatically moves to an item that begins with the character entered.


Continue to enter the character until the desired selection is highlighted. Note that this shortcut does not apply to editable drop-down lists created with the ComboBox element.

Space Bar and Tab Key


You can use the mouse to click a Cancel or OK button in a Maplet application. You can also use the [Tab] key and Space Bar.


Using the [Tab] key, position the cursor at the Cancel or OK button.


Press the Space Bar. The command is entered.

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