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Introduction to the Toolboxes

Maplesoft™ offers a rich selection of add-on products. These toolboxes enhance and extend the power of Maple™ by adding solutions in specialized application areas, enhanced computation and deployment options, and connectivity with other technical tools. When taking advantage of these advanced products, you continue to have access to Maple's computational power, easy-to-use smart document interface, and rich technical documentation features.



BlockImporter allows you to import a Simulink® model into Maple, and convert it to a set of mathematical equations. Maple provides the power to simplify and manipulate the model, before simulating it in Maple or exporting it back to Simulink® .


The Global Optimization Toolbox provides world-class global optimization technology to return the best answer to your optimization model, robustly and efficiently.


The Grid Computing Toolbox provides tools for performing Maple computations in parallel, allowing you to distribute computations across a network of workstations, a supercomputer, or the CPUs of a multiprocessor machine. It includes a personal grid server, allowing you to simulate and test your parallel applications before running them on a real grid network.


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