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Creating a Sub-assembly

A sub-assembly is a grouping of objects (that is, parts and other sub-assemblies). Sub-assemblies are convenient for merging objects that should be treated as a single component by MapleSim. When you import a sub-assembly into MapleSim, a single CAD subsystem is generated for the sub-assembly.

The following are some circumstances where you would want to create a sub-assembly:


A single part or part file is broken up into two or more parts when you import your CAD file.


There are two or more objects in the CAD Workspace that should be treated as a single CAD subsystem during simulation.  

Note that you cannot edit the objects that make up a sub-assembly once the sub-assembly has been converted into a CAD subsystem. Therefore, if you have two parts that need to connect to a common component, these parts should not be added to the same sub-assembly.


To create a sub-assembly:


Open your CAD assembly in the Import CAD window by either importing the CAD drawing, opening the CAD file, or refreshing the CAD file.


In either the Object Tree or the CAD Workspace, Ctrl-click the parts and sub-assemblies you want to include in the new sub-assembly.


Click Create Sub-assembly ( ).


In the Create Sub-assembly dialog, enter a name for the sub-assembly, and then click OK.


A new sub-assembly with the name you provided is added to the Object Tree. Expand the sub-assembly to verify that the objects you selected are contained in the sub-assembly.


When you are finished creating your sub-assembly, click Accept and Return ( ), and then click OK to return to MapleSim.




Once you have created a sub-assembly, you can drag objects from the Object Tree onto the sub-assembly. These objects will now be part of the sub-assembly. Similarly, you can drag objects out of a sub-assembly to remove the objects from the sub-assembly.


See Setting Sub-assembly Properties for information on how to set properties like the appearance and position of a sub-assembly.


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