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The Import CAD Window

The Import CAD window contains the following panes and components.



Import CAD Toolbar

Contains tools for running viewing your CAD assembly, changing display settings, adding Coords (ports), creating sub-assemblies, and importing your CAD parts into MapleSim.

Object Tree

Contains a tree with all of the parts from your CAD assembly. The root of the tree is the assembly, which contains all of the parts ( ), sub-assemblies ( ), and Coords ( ) in your assembly.

CAD Workspace

Contains a 3-D workspace for laying out and selecting objects. The elements in the CAD Workspace include:


World Coordinate System: This is the absolute reference frame for the CAD Workspace.


Part Coordinate System: Each part has its own coordinate system. Select the part to see its coordinate system. You can change the orientation of parts by translating and rotating its coordinate system.


Orientation Indicator: This axis is always in the bottom right corner of the CAD Workspace. It can be used to see the orientation of the CAD Workspace when the other coordinates are not in the view.


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