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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : Maple TA
Frequently Asked Questions
Current Product: Maple TA
66 FAQ Articles in this category:
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•        What is the general procedure Maple T.A. implements when making a Maple call? 

•        How to backup PostgresSQL database 

•        Is it possible to use LDAP or Active Directory groups to restrict access to Maple T.A.? 

•        Installing Maple T.A. on Linux or Solaris 

•        Uploading rosters from Maple T.A. 2.51 to later versions 

•        My accented character doesn't save properly in my Maple T.A. question. Why? 

•        Why are only some Greek characters automatically converted? 

•        How do I import my data from Maple T.A. 2.5 into Maple T.A. 3.0x or 4.0? 

•        In Maple T.A. 3, do Students have to be uploaded into the system and then again into each class? 

•        How do I move my data from one version of Maple T.A. to another? 

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