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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : 'Invalid Purchase Code' Error While Trying to Activate
'Invalid Purchase Code' Error While Trying to Activate


I installed the software without any errors. But when I start it and run the Activation step, I get an error: Invalid Purchase Code. What do I do?


There are a few things that could cause this problem.

First, check to make sure the purchase code entered is the correct one for the software. For instance, you may have different purchase codes for Maple and toolboxes or add-on products.

Second, ensure that you have typed the purchase code from your order confirmation web page or email correctly. The purchase code is a 16-character alphanumeric string.

You may also try to remove all non-alphanumeric characters from the field and try again. (Check for leading or trailing space characters.)

Finally, make sure that you are using the correct Maple activation software. For example, the Maple Network Tools activation software cannot be used to activate single-user licenses of Maple.


If you are still having problems, please contact our customer service department (custservice@maplesoft.com) for assistance. Please include your order tracking number and the approximate time you tried to activate.

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