The version of the following libraries’ source code used by
Maple are available here:

GNU Multiple Precision (GMP) Library:

To download GMP source for Maple 2023 and later 6.2.1 click here

GNU Compiler Collection (GCC):
For Maple 18: On 32-bit Linux and 32-bit Windows we ship a binary version of libstdc++, one component of the GCC distribution.

For Maple 2021 and later 10.2.0

For older versions please see

hefroots - Hyperbolic, Elliptic and Flat ROOT Solver from HEFPoly:

EARoots - Ehrlich-Aberth method to find polynomial complex roots in double precision:

FreeHEP Library:

BLAD and BMI Libraries:

For Maple 18 and later 3.10.5

Cuba Library:

MPFR Library:
For Maple 18 to Maple 2020 3.1.1:

Maple 2021 and later 4.1.0:

For older versions of Maple:

UMFPACK Library and supporting libraries UFconfig and AMD:

iText - a library that allows you to create and manipulate PDF documents.

pthreads-win32 - A pthread implementation for windows

Maple 2016 to Maple 2022 use v2.9.1

GL2PS a library providing high quality vector output for OpenGL applications

GStreamer - a pipeline-based multimedia framework


arb - C library for arbitrary-precision interval arithmetic.
Maple 2019 to Maple 2020 2.15.0

Maple 2021 and later 2.18.1

Maple 2022 and later 2.18.1-2022

FLINT - Fast Library for Number Theory
Maple 2019 to Maple 2020 2.15.0

Maple 2021 and later 2.6.3

Maple 2022 and later 2.6.3-2022

libzmq Library from ZeroMQ
Maple 2022

Maple 2023 19.0.1+10

Maple 2021 15.0.1

The version of the following library's source code used by MapleSim is available here:

FFmpeg Library:
Patch for Windows 64:

TCC - Tiny C Compiler
MapleSim 2022.2