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Welcome to the Maple Student Help Center. This is a great place to get help on effectively using Maple for your courses. This forum will be supported by Maplesoft staff as well as experienced users around the world. Please take the time to read the following code of conduct:
  • No illegal, obscene, defamatory, hateful, and other forms of offensive content.
  • Be respectful to other members. No name-calling or "flaming". We want everyone to find this forum useful. If you think someone has posted a "stupid" question, then ignore the post. You don't have to express your personal opinion on the person or question in public.
  • Respect copyright. Do not post other peoples' images or work without permission or the proper level of acknowledgment.
  • Do your own homework. Don't expect other people to do your math homework for you. But, if you're genuinely stuck on a Maple question or a math question, you'll likely be able to get help.
  • Post in the appropriate forum. The student forums are intended for math-related questions covering topics from late high school to second year college/university. For more advanced topics, please use the regular MaplePrimes forums.
    • How do I ...? in Maple (student) is meant for finding out how to solve specific types of problems in Maple
    • Math advice (student) is meant for seeking help on math as opposed to the software
    • Help Center suggestions are meant for giving feedback to Maplesoft on ways to improve this service
    • Student chatter is meant to capture posts on a wide range of topics (math, computers, school, politics, music, etc.)

We reserve the right to remove any posts that do not, in our opinion, fall within the guidelines of conduct for this Web community.

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