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Maplesoft Resources

There are thousands of resources available to help you get the most out of your Maplesoft products.

Maple Application Center

The Application Center contains thousands of freely available Maple Worksheets, Maple T.A. Question Banks, Maplet applications, and code contributed by members of the Maplesoft user community.

Browse the Maple Application Center
Contribute your own work

Maple PowerTools

Maple PowerTools are free add-on Maple packages and academic courses available within the Maple Application Center.

Research Application PowerTools are Maple packages developed by experts in their fields to help users configure Maple for research in specific application areas.
Math Education PowerTools are academic courses developed in Maple by university professors to help teachers and students use Maple in their math classes.

Maple Graphics & Animation

Browse through a selection of Maple-created graphics and animations, and download the Maple worksheets that created them.

View Maple Graphics
View Maple Animations

Maple Books

There are hundreds of books written about Maple or providing Maple supplements.

Search through our database of books
Have you published a book or paper related to Maple? Provide us with the details and if appropriate, it will be added to the database.

Maplesoft Programs

MapleConnect is a program designed to help members of our unique community capitalize on their creativity, knowledge, ideas, and energy by commercializing their intellectual property.
The Maple Adoption Program allows academic instructors in USA and Canada to bring the power of Maple to students when teaching mathematics.


Finite Elements
Feynman Graphs
Convex Geometry
Dynamics Lab


Partial Differential Equations
Calculus I
Differential Equations


The MAPLE Book
Symbolic Recipes: Scientific Computing with Maple
Maple Animation