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    Home : All Products : Maple T.A. : New features in Maple 2.5
Maple T.A. - Automated Online Testing and Assessment Software
What’s New in Maple T.A. 2.5
New Equation Editor
  • Integration of Maplesoft's brand new equation editor
  • Provides improved formatting of expressions
  • Enhanced preview capability

    • No Java required when students preview 1D expressions as symbolic math
    • Preview of Maple-graded questions that accept Maple syntax
  • Equation Editor now available in all question types
  • Ability to set stretchy operators for mathml rendering and authoring. Set MML_STRETCHY=true or false in the file.

Maple Updates
  • Integration of Maple 10 provides access to the new functionality of the latest release of Maple
  • Grade for Maple-graded questions can be calculated between 0 and 1, as well as strictly true or false
  • New plotmaple command

    • Create Maple plots as algorithmic variables
    • Use in any area that supports algorithmic variables, for example, feedback, hints, and question text
    • Can be included in all question types
  • Improved presentation of Maple plots, specifically with customized width and height
  • Performance improvements for creating nicely formatted mathematical expressions
  • The variables $RESPONSE and $ANSWER can be used in the feedback section. This allows for response-specific feedback in Maple-graded questions.

Assignment Editor
  • Updated Main Menu

    • New mouse-over buttons for improved layout
    • Ability to hide an assignment directly from Main Menu
    • Ability to view a summary of an assignment without having to open the assignment
  • New warnings for instructors

    • When they change the name or shadow an assignment that has records in the gradebook
    • When they try to delete an assignment that has active assignments associated with it
  • New locking mechanism to improve data integrity

    • Editing an assignment will lock it so new assignments can't be started until the editing is finished
    • An assignment with active assignments will be locked so the instructor can't edit it
    • Main Menu displays a lock icon if an assignment is locked, as well as the number of students that currently have the assignment open
  • Topic names and descriptions in Tab 2: Select Questions are now links that expand or contract the list of questions in that topic
  • Improved assignment timer. It will count down by the minute to 5 minutes and then will count down by seconds to ensure student gets the full amount of time for the assignment.

Question Bank Editor
  • Retain MathML structure for instructor view of questions. Now available in all areas of questions including hints, feedback, and solutions.
  • Algorithmic Editor improvements

    • Correct rendering of algorithmic variables. System now returns 0 instead of -0 and integers remain integers instead of becoming floating point.
    • Error message returned if the conditions in the algorithms for a question can't be met, rather than incorrect values for the variables
  • Inline numeric questions with significant digits now display student answer as it was entered
  • Initialize questions chosen for a multipart question prior to creating the multipart question
  • If the test persistence has been exceeded, instructors will be taken to the Question Bank Editor Main Menu or the Instructor login page
  • Change the size of the text areas to allow more visibility and make them consistent across all question types

Class Management
  • Course Modules

    • Performance improvements
      • Question initialization not performed during course module creation
      • Creation of course module can be interrupted, as can download of the module
    • Users are not able to download inherited content
  • Improved dependency checking for question banks referenced by assignments
  • Class rename functionality improvements

    • Proctor information updated to reflect renamed class
    • All student records updated so assignments stay synchronized with the class
    • Ability to backup modified student records
  • Registration pages made consistent and include better error handling

  • All paths at the system and class level are now relative to the installation. Question bank file paths and class folder names are automatically migrated to relative paths as data is saved back to the system.
  • Correct ownership maintained when class folder names have common ending
  • Proper handling of re-entry to an assignment that has been deleted

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