The Top 10 Reasons You Need Maple T.A.
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Deep understanding of mathematics.

Maple T.A. has a deep understanding of the vast range of mathematics used in technical courses. It handles free response questions, and even open-end questions with infinitely many correct answers, so you can ask the questions you want to ask and truly evaluate your students' understanding.

Flexible adaptive testing.

Maple T.A. lets you create custom paths through assignments and individual questions, based on how the student has done so far.

Show your work.

Maple T.A. gives you the option to ask students to show their work when they answer a question. You can review their steps, and then give them partial credit even if they gave the wrong answer.

Sophisticated visualizations.

Visualization can bring the "a-ha" moment that helps your students learn. From 2-D and 3-D plots and animations to curve sketching and more, you can deliver high quality visualizations, right inside Maple T.A.

Easy Math Entry.

The way you write math down on paper should match how you'd enter it online. The equation editor in Maple T.A. is extremely easy to use, so you and your students can enter mathematical expressions quickly and confidently.

Rich Authoring Environment.

Maple T.A. puts you in control of your question content, with the easiest-to-use authoring tools available for math-based content and a rich source of ready-made questions that you can use and modify freely.


Give your students a way to do homework from wherever they are! Maple T.A.'s mobile-ready environment works with iPads, Android tablets, and more.

Integrates with your course management environment.

Maple T.A. can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any course management or learning management system, including Blackboard®, Canvas, Moodle™, and custom-built solutions.

Easy Administration.

It's easy to get started with Maple T.A. Maplesoft provides the entire turnkey solution for your Maple T.A. service, or you can host Maple T.A. yourself. The choice is yours.

Meets all your testing needs.

From quizzes and homework, to placement testing, high stakes exams in a controlled environment, mastery assignments, practice questions, and more, Maple T.A. can handle it all.