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Here's Why Amy and Amir Chose Maple T.A.

Maple T.A. is the perfect online assessment system for instructors and administrators.

How Maple T.A. saved the day for Amir (an instructor)
and Amy (an administrator)

Amir had a problem.

Amir is a university math professor. He knows that students learn math better when they do math, and lots of it. And he knows that they need feedback on how they’ve done, quickly - they can’t learn from their mistakes if they don’t realize they are making mistakes! But Amir doesn’t have the time or the teaching assistant hours to grade as many problems as his students would benefit from doing, never mind get the results back to them fast enough to be useful.

Then Amir discovered Maple T.A.

Maple T.A. the online testing and assessment system lets him give his students lots and lots of practise. His students get instant feedback, so they know right away if they’ve understood a topic or if they need to go back and look at it again, even before the next lecture!

Amir now has more time to prepare lectures, help students, and advance his research.

Because he can ask the same kind of open-ended questions he would ask in a paper-based assignment, Amir is confident that the assignments effectively evaluate his students’ understanding, and he knows which concepts he needs to review in class before moving on. Even better, with time freed up from marking, Amir now has more time to prepare his lectures, help individual students, and even advance his research.

Amy had a problem.

Amy is an administrator of a college campus. Every day, she has to deal with rising enrollment, shrinking budgets, and higher expectations for student success. She’s identified testing and assessment as an area where technology can help her school offer effective education despite larger class sizes and smaller teaching assistant budgets. However, the automated assessment systems she’s looked at have been rejected by the STEM instructors at her college as inadequate for their needs. Math-based courses, they tell her, are different, and if she wants a system that will allow instructors to truly assess their student’s understanding and students to really learn, they need something better.

Then Amy discovered Maple T.A.

Maple T.A., the automated testing and assessment system designed especially to meet the needs of courses involving mathematics. Since Maple T.A. can handle both math-based and non-math-based content, instructors and students across the entire institution can reap the benefits of automated assessment. This includes providing lots of practise and immediate feedback to students, limiting cheating while encouraging productive collaboration, and eliminating logistical issues such as lost assignments and the need for “grading parties”. The system administrators on campus like it too, because they can seamlessly integrate Maple T.A. with their existing learning management system.

Amy reduced her grading budget & increased student satisfaction.

As a result of moving to Maple T.A., Amy was able to reduce her grading budget, improve student satisfaction scores, and help instructors deal effectively with larger class sizes without compromising her college’s high educational standards.