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Maple T.A. - German Edition

Maple T.A. is a powerful online testing and assessment system designed especially for courses involving mathematics, making it ideal for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses. Offering standard math notation, sophisticated plotting, free-response math questions, intelligent grading of responses, and more, Maple T.A. provides everything you need to take full advantage of automated assessment in math-based courses.  Learn more about Maple T.A.

The German Edition of Maple T.A. provides:

  • Interface: All interface elements, including menus, buttons, instructions, and messages displayed to the students and instructors all appear in German
  • Help system: Student help pages and Getting Started information are written in German, so students can get started quickly
  • Question content: Easily customizable questions, written in German, are freely available
  • Authoring: New questions can easily be written and displayed in the German language
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German Question Content

Schools like the Vienna University of Technology have shared their Maple T.A. question content with the Maple T.A. user community. This means you have free access to hundreds of questions written in German, ready to use. These questions were developed and tested by instructors and used in their own courses.

  • Classroom-tested content written in German
  • Hundreds of individual questions are already available
  • The vast majority of these questions are algorithmically generated, so each question can be used as a template to generate hundreds of similar questions for your students
  • Questions come from integral calculus, linear functions, vector analysis, differential calculus, and trigonometry
  • You can use these questions immediately or customize them to suit your needs

These questions, together with all the Maple T.A. question content available in other languages, can be accessed from within Maple T.A. itself through the Maple T.A. Cloud.