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Maple T.A. Question Types

Maple T.A. has many question types for both technical
and non-technical subjects, including:

For information on other question types, including true/false,
matching, chemical equation questions, and more, refer to
the Maple T.A. Instructor Help.

Maple T.A. 10 Highlights

Mathematical Free Response

Maple T.A. allows you to ask free-response questions, where students provide their mathematical solution the same way they would on paper.

Adaptive Questions

Maple T.A. supports both adaptive questions and adaptive assignments.

Adaptive questions provide students another chance when they give an incorrect response. Knowing the student is having trouble, the question can be adapted to:

With adaptive questions, instructors can control the behavior of the question, including:

Watch a video on the Overview of the Adaptive Question Designer

Graph Sketching

With the Sketch question type, instructors can ask students to sketch graphs, and Maple T.A. grades those graphs automatically.

  • Students answer a question by sketching a plot.
  • Parabolas, exponentials, asymptotes, lines, points, piecewise, open and closed intervals, and regions are all supported.
  • Students create plots by simply clicking on key points of the plot in the graph area, such as specifying two points to draw a line, or the vertex and one other point to create a parabola.
  • Plot control points can be moved interactively by dragging, which automatically adjusts the rest of the curve.
  • Graph sketching questions can include curves that are part of the question itself, such as showing a line and asking the student to draw a tangent to that line through a given point.
  • Hundreds of customizable graph sketching questions are available in the Maple T.A. Cloud.

Watch a Video on How to create a Sketch Question using the Question Designer in Maple T.A.

Graph Sketching

Free Body Diagrams

Instructors in engineering and science can ask questions that require students to draw free body diagrams, and Maple T.A. automatically grades the results.

Watch a Video on How to create a Free Body Diagram Question using the Question Designer in Maple T.A.

Gradeable Math Apps

Instructors can include interactive Maple documents (“Math Apps”) in Maple T.A. questions, and Maple T.A. will grade the interactions with student has with the Math App.

  • With gradeable Math Apps, instructors can provide students with specialized calculators, ask them to manipulate parameters until they have found the desired solution, give them interactive plots to explore, and much more.
  • Students interact with the Math App directly inside Maple T.A.
  • Maple T.A. can automatically grade interactive Math Apps by examining what the student did with the application, such as moving a slider that controls a plot to a particular value.
  • If there is more than one correct answer, Maple T.A. can analyze the response mathematically to assign an appropriate grade.
  • Grading code can be placed either in the Maple T.A. question definition or within the Maple document itself
  • Math App questions can contain algorithmically-generated variables so each student receives a different version of the Math App question

Watch a Video on How to create a Math App Question using the Question Designer in Maple T.A.

Gradeable Math Apps

Numeric response with margin-of-error


Multiple Choice

  • Algorithmically generated variables can be used in both question and answers
  • You can automatically permute the possible answers so different students see the answers in different orders
  • Questions and answers can include images, videos, audio clips, and more,  including algorithmically generated plots that change with each question
  • Supports both multiple choice and multiple selection, where more than one answer must be chosen to answer the question

Watch a Video on How to create a Multiple Choice Question using the Question Designer in Maple T.A.

Fill in the blank

Watch a Video on How to create a Fill-in-the-Blanks Question with Textboxes in Maple T.A.

Clickable image


  • Used for a long answer responses
  • Can be used for mathematical proofs, long answer questions, essays, and more
  • Responses are sent to the instructor automatically for manual grading
  • Instructors can provide detailed feedback by placing comments at selected points inside the essay
  • Instructors choose from over  40 common phrases, such as “spelling” and “sentence fragment”, or can add their comments
  • Essay questions are tagged in the gradebook for easy identification and grade entry

How to create an Essay Question using the Question Designer in Maple T.A.

Clickable Image

Watch a video on How to create a Clickable Image Question in Maple T.A.

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