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What's New in MapleSim

MapleSim is updated several times a year, as we continually improve the product and respond to customer requests, to make new features available as soon as possible. On this page, you will find details about the latest enhancements and product developments in MapleSim that make it easier and faster to create models and run your simulations.

Getting the Update
The first major MapleSim release of the year is automatically sent to all MapleSim customers who are members of the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at that time. You will receive an email with instructions once the release is available. Subsequent updates throughout the rest of the year are issued through the Check for Updates mechanism built into MapleSim. Update releases can also be found by visiting Download Product Updates.
MapleSim 2024

MapleSim 2024 offers a series of enhancements to encourage innovation and save you time and effort when creating and developing simulations.

The new release includes tools to easily perform the simulation of multiple design iterations, adds support for the latest version of Modelica® Standard Library, and provides additional components to make it faster to build models.

Rapidly Tune Parameters and Explore Design Concepts

  • Save time when running iterations of your simulations. The new Rerun panel allows you to significantly cut the time between simulations by skipping the formulation steps when there are no structural changes made to the model.
  • Narrow down your design decisions by quickly applying different parameter values, initial conditions, and even simulation settings between runs.
  • It's even simpler to add Maple worksheets for deeper analysis. The new Scripting button lets you add Maple worksheets and organize them for use alongside your MapleSim results.

Expand Your Modeling Capabilities

  • Leverage the latest Modelica feature set. You can now import Modelica libraries that make use of MSL 4.0.0 features and select from a variety of new components added to the MapleSim standard libraries (including electrical, 1-D mechanical, signal blocks, and more).
  • New Hydraulics components for defining flow restrictions. Additional Restrictions components (Discretized Pipe, Pipe Bend, Elbow Bend, Change) assist with modeling hydraulic flow through bends, contractions, or enlargements.

Updates to the MapleSim Web Handling Library

The MapleSim Web Handling Library, an add-on to MapleSim, brings additional features to better simulate your roll-to-roll processes. Using the new 2024 update you can:

  • Fine tune the modeling of heavier webs. You can now choose to add the effect of machine direction web inertia on the web line.
  • Apply more control over the web line setup. Using the new Start at Equilibrium setting, you can simplify the setup by starting the simulation in a nonzero tension equilibrium state.
  • Add flexibility when modeling nip rollers. The Switching Nip Roller component lets you model web lines where the web contact arc changes from one roller to another.
  • Model the winding of multiple rolls on the same drum. New Wind Drum components support 2,3, and 4 webs being wound at once.

Additional Improvements to Add-on Products

  • MapleSim 2024 with the MapleSim Connector for FMI can now import and export FMI 3.0, the latest version of the FMI standard.
  • The MapleSim CAD Toolbox adds support for recent software releases from NX™, SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge®, Parasolid®, and other CAD tools.
  • The MapleSim Heat Transfer Library has gained a new T-junction component for the Water subpackage to improve flow/pressure-drop calculations for systems with branches.

Available to: MapleSim customers who are enrolled in the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at the time of its release. (Customers who were not under EMP at that time can contact Maplesoft sales to obtain an upgrade.)

Updates to MapleSim Insight

MapleSim Insight gives machine builders powerful, simulation-based debugging and 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to your automation tools. The 2024 release of MapleSim Insight adds support for models using any new MapleSim 2024 features.

Available to: MapleSim Insight customers who were enrolled in the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at the time of its release. (Customers who were not under EMP at that time can contact Maplesoft sales to obtain an upgrade.)

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