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What's New in MapleSim

MapleSim is updated several times a year, as we continually improve the product and respond to customer requests, to make new features available as soon as possible. On this page, you will find details about the latest enhancements and product developments in MapleSim that make it easier and faster to create models and run your simulations.

Getting the Update
The first major MapleSim release of the year is automatically sent to all MapleSim customers who are members of the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at that time. You will receive an email with instructions once the release is available. Subsequent updates throughout the rest of the year are issued through the Check for Updates mechanism built into MapleSim. Update releases can also be found by visiting Download Product Updates.
MapleSim 2023
MapleSim 2023.1

The new MapleSim 2023.1 release includes various maintenance improvements and takes advantage of the recent update to the underlying Maple math engine to provide a smoother user experience.

Updates to the MapleSim Web Handling Library

The MapleSim Web Handling Library, an add-on to MapleSim, brings additional resources to better simulate your roll-to-roll processes. Using the new 2023.1 update you can:

  • Explore the results of friction on the web line with the new Variable Nip Roller component that can combine capstan friction and nip force effects.
  • Expand the scope and realism of your model by applying new options for non-linear web materials, drum eccentricity, and centrifugal forces on rollers.
  • Quickly define roller layouts by importing mass and inertia from CAD components and match the roller orientation to the physical line using the Flip Direction setting.
  • Easily manage your web components. The new release adds a simpler method of affixing roller locations, has larger S-wrap icons, and more!

Additional Improvements to Add-on Products

  • The MapleSim CAD Toolbox adds support for recent software releases from NX™, SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge®, Creo Parametric™, Parasolid®, and other CAD tools.
  • The MapleSim Heat Transfer Library now has new enhancements for evaluating parameters in flows, including a linear approximation technique for calculating Density and Viscosity when approaching zero flow rates, and improved calculation of the loss friction coefficient for phase change in Laminar/Turbulent flow.
  • The MapleSim Connector for FMI and B&R MapleSim Connector receive maintenance updates in response to customer requests.

Available to: All MapleSim 2023 users.

MapleSim Insight 2023.1

The 2023.1 release of MapleSim Insight provides a maintenance update to address some interface use-cases.

Available to: All MapleSim Insight 2023 users.

MapleSim 2023

MapleSim 2023 offers better performance and an easier process when using models with your engineering toolchain.

  • A new integrated compiler allows the creation of a compiled FMU without requiring the installation of a third-party compiler.
  • Simulations are faster to run due to MapleSim taking advantage of the latest advances in the Maple 2023 math engine.

Available to: MapleSim customers who were enrolled in the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at the time of its release. (Customers who were not under EMP at that time can contact Maplesoft sales to obtain an upgrade.)

MapleSim Insight 2023

MapleSim Insight 2023 provides an optimized experience when running models, resulting in faster simulation speeds for models compiled in MapleSim 2023 or later.

Available to: MapleSim Insight customers who were enrolled in the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at the time of its release. (Customers who were not under EMP at that time can contact Maplesoft sales to obtain an upgrade.)

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