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Powerful Modelica Platform

  • The combination of Modelica, an open, object-oriented, system-level modeling language, with the symbolic computation power of MapleSim enables a level of understanding, power, and extensibility that is not possible with “black-box” tools.
  • The flexible Modelica multidomain framework means it is easy to seamlessly incorporate components from different domains into your MapleSim system-level models.
  • Models and components are open and modifiable, making them easy to reuse, customize, and extend to suit your exact needs.
  • Custom components, defined in MapleSim by their equations, can be automatically converted to Modelica code.
  • As a Modelica platform, MapleSim lets you take advantage of the growing collection of Modelica-based components available to the community, which are often highly specialized and contain the distilled technical knowledge of subject matter experts.
  • Many components in MapleSim are from the Modelica standard library, which means they have been developed over many years and validated by industry.
  • Import of Modelica libraries and models based on the Modelica 3.2.3 standard library
  • All MapleSim models, including multibody models, can be saved directly as Modelica files, and the model topology and presentation information is preserved as well as the equations. This way, the model diagram itself can be displayed in other Modelica-based tools.
  • Access to underlying Modelica code for any component or subsystem. Engineers can use this view to understand the reason for a model’s behavior by examining the code in addition to the model diagram.  The Modelica code can also be used as a basis for creating modified versions of the components.

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