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Grizzly RUV Model

This MapleSim model represents the Robotic Utility Vehicle (RUV) called Grizzly from Waterloo-based company, Clearpath Robotics. The model parameters are taken from the technical specs of the robot and can be found at Clearpath Robotics.

The model features a 200 Ah lead-acid battery pack with a nominal voltage of 48 V to provide electrical power to move the vehicle on an uneven terrain. The interaction forces and moments at the tire-terrain contact points are generated based on the Fiala tire model. A 3D mathematical expression is used to describe the terrain surface to allow the tire-terrain contact points to be calculated based on the position of the vehicle. This 3D function is also used to generate the STL graphics of the terrain for animation.

The model outputs electric motor torques, speeds, and battery state of charge.

For more information about the creation of this model, read the Clearpath Robotics blog post.

This model includes a Maple worksheet for analysis

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