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What’s New in MapleNet 18

  • Provides increased mobile support
    • All MapleNet-powered Maple documents can be used from your tablet, including those that make use of the math editor, meters, and dials.
    • Works with iPads, Android tablets, and more
  • Eliminates the need for a Java browser plug-in when interacting with Maple documents
    • All components, including the math editor, sliders, dials, and plots, can be viewed and used from a standard web browser
    • Because MapleNet now makes extensive use of HTML 5, documents load faster and there are no issues with installing and updating plug-ins or adjusting security settings
  • Leverages all the mathematical power of Maple 18
    • MapleNet 18 takes advantage of all the mathematical functionality, performance, and visualization improvements in Maple 18. See What’s New in Maple 18 for details.