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The complete Web solution for online math education and research

For over 20 years, innovative educators have used Maple to enliven their courses and research with world-class symbolic computation, powerful graphics, and rock-solid numerics.

MapleNet brings this innovation to the Web:

  • Interactive math over the Web.
  • Enrich on-campus courses with online math content.
  • Powerful computations in a browser.
  • Share research results with the academic community.

MapleNet is the ideal way to:

  • Enrich distance and on-campus courses with online math content.
  • Share academic research through live Web applications.

Interactive math over the Web
With MapleNet, instructors can create online learning objects for students in math, engineering, science, and any other course that uses quantitative methods.

Students can run Maple-created learning materials through a Web browser from anywhere in the world--on or off campus--with no other software needed on their machines.

With MapleNet, instructors can create online Maple documents that include intelligent symbolic computations, interactive graphics, and live 2-D math formulas.

Scenario: An instructor for a distance Calculus course creates MapleNet learning objects for exploring limits. When students are ready to begin a new lesson, they visit the class’ Blackboard home page, download the lecture material and run the learning object for that lesson.

Enrich on-campus courses with online math content
Ideal for distance courses, MapleNet can also enrich courses on campus. Students can run MapleNet learning objects from labs and computer classrooms, as well as from home.

Instructors leading different sections or labs can share each others’ MapleNet applications via simple http links.

MapleNet improves student learning at any level, from high school to graduate school.

Powerful computations in a browser
MapleNet is backed by the Maple math engine, the world’s most widely adopted technology for mathematical exploration and visualization.

Scenario: A high school Algebra II teacher lecturing in a computer classroom uses MapleNet to enhance his students’ understanding of function compositions. After he explains the basic idea, students turn to their computers and explore the concept through a live Maple document, published on the Web through MapleNet.

Instructors can embed symbolic computations and interactive graphics into online Maple documents and custom applications. Unlike traditional education software, students can enter any example they choose within a MapleNet application – they aren’t limited to canned demos.

Maple provides a complete range of GUI options for building interactive learning materials as Maple documents, including simple input fields, sliders, buttons and menus. You simply create the material in Maple and save it to the MapleNet server.

Alternatively, MapleNet also allows you to create your own user interfaces and applications using other development tools, including JSP, .NET, Perl, and PHP.  

Scenario: An Economics instructor creates a MapleNet-driven JSP application for students to experiment with macroeconomic models. During recitation sections, students upload model parameters from data files into the JSP and explore the model under different sets of conditions.