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Math Apps and The Möbius Project

Maple 18 includes many new Math Apps that can be used in the classroom to engage students. These and many more Math Apps are part of The Möbius Project, an initiative from Maplesoft that supports the creation, sharing, and grading of Math Apps.

  • Over 75 new Math Apps for math, science, and engineering, including quadratic forms, solids of revolution, escape-time fractals, the Doppler effect, transistors, ciphers, and many more
  • New categories of Math Apps, including biological and chemical sciences, engineering, and logic.
  • All Math Apps, including those in The Möbius Project repository, are searchable by Maple’s help system and can be instantly accessed from within Maple
  • Enhanced authoring tools for creating or customizing Math Apps, with many significant updates to one-step app creation with Explore, and numerous improvements to interactive components.