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New Features in Maple 15: Code Generation

C# joins C, Java, Fortran, Visual Basic, and MATLAB® as a new target language for code generation. Using the code generation tools, Maple expressions and programs can easily be converted to royalty-free source code.

Maple 15 also includes a new optimization algorithm that generates even more efficient and compact code than before. The symbolic techniques used in this optimization process go far beyond what standard language compilers can achieve, and allow you to take very complex expressions and generate efficient numeric code to evaluate them.

  • Generate optimized C, C#, Java, Fortran, Visual Basic, and MATLAB® code for expressions and procedures.
  • Easily specify an entirely new target language definition, or extend any of the built-in targets with a custom modification.
  • Incorporate any code in your own programs, royalty-free.
  • Take advantage of Maple's state-of-the-art code optimization algorithms, autocompile settings, and other options for automatic type deduction, automatic type coercion, and equation reduction to generate code quickly and efficiently.
The following example demonstrates Maple's code generation functionality.

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