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Quandl Data Sets in Maple

The DataSets package provides direct access to Quandl, an online data aggregator with a repository of over 12 million time series data sets. This allows you to utilize Maple’s tools for statistics and data analysis on Quandl’s extensive collection of data. Quandl data sets are available directly from the Maple search bar, no extra packages are required.


Basic Use

The easiest way to access Quandl data sets in Maple is by searching for keywords in the Maple search bar or by using the DataSets:-Search command. For an advanced search, click on the ‘Data Sets’ title in the search box or use the DataSets:-InsertSearchBox command.

To search using the Search command:

DataSets:-Search(“crude oil”);

Creating Data References

Quandl data sets are imported into Maple as a data reference object. You can interact with the data reference object using Maple commands or the right click context menu.
To create a new data reference object, use the DataSets:-Quandl:-Reference command or right-click on an existing data reference object and assign it to a name:

mydata := DataSets:-Quandl:-Reference(“DMDRN/MSFT_MKT_CAP”);

To plot the data, use the dataplot command:

dataplot( mydata );

To convert the Quandl reference to a matrix, use the convert command:

convert( mydata, Matrix);

Data Manipulation

Many commands for filtering and analyzing data are available from the right click context menu, including filtering commands such as:

Set the from date:

mydata := DataSets:-Quandl:-SetFromDate(mydata,”yyyy-mm-dd”);

Set the to date:

mydata := DataSets:-Quandl:-SetToDate(mydata,”yyyy-mm-dd”);

Frequency Change:

mydata := DataSets:-Quandl:-SetFrequency(mydata, ‘frequency’=“weekly”);




In order to access premium Quandl data sets, you will need to register for an authentication token. The information for accessing premium data can be found here on Quandl’s webpage. Once you have your authentication token, use this command to set it in Maple:

DataSets:-Quandl:-SetToken( “YourAuthenticationToken” );


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