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You Should be Teaching with Maple

Help your students succeed in their math courses! By teaching with Maple, you help your students grasp concepts more quickly, deepen their understanding, and keep them engaged and motivated. Here are just some of the ways educators around the world are using Maple in their math and math-based courses:

Illuminating Visualizations
Some topics in mathematics need to be seen to be understood, and Maple makes it easy. You and your students can create illuminating 2-D and 3-D plots and animations instantly, with just a few clicks of the mouse. And then, you can zoom in and out, view 3-D plots from different angles, play animations, add additional curves, and much more. Try doing that on a blackboard!

Focus on the Concepts
Just as it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, sometimes it’s difficult to learn a new concept because of the complexity or quantity of the underlying calculations. Even something as simple as a misplaced minus sign can derail an entire lesson or homework exercise, impeding understanding of the concept itself. When you let Maple deal with the mechanics, you and your students can focus on the important ideas without getting lost in the details.

Interactive Learning
With Maple, your students can experiment with interactive explorations that give immediate feedback, so they can learn and reinforce concepts, and develop their mathematical intuition. Think about how much easier it would be to understand slopes, or the difference between sin(a x) and a sin(x), or volumes of revolution, or many other concepts, if all you had to do was move a slider to see how the plot changes!

Motivating Examples
How often have you heard students grumble that what they are learning is useless? Maple enables you and your students to work with motivating examples and applications that would be much too difficult and time-consuming to work out by hand.

Going Beyond
Maple makes it easy for students to do mathematics on their own. Not only can they practice skills and build confidence, but Maple also enables them to explore beyond the confines of the lesson, experimenting with "what if..." questions that deepen their understanding and strengthen their interest in mathematics.

Preparing for the Future
Computer algebra systems like Maple have become a basic tool of mathematical literacy. By introducing Maple now, you are giving your students the experience they need to pursue further studies and be effective in their professional careers.

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Top 10 reasons your students will love Maple

Maple costs less than many scientific calculators, is far more functional, and will grow with you as you go on to take more advanced courses.

Maple includes thousands of features and commands that make it useful in all of your math, engineering and science classes, from high-school and beyond.

Maple's Clickable Calculus capabilities allows even novice users to perform complex operations without knowing any special commands or syntax.

Thousands of commercial organizations, government research labs and academic institutions use it as a core part of their toolchain, so using Maple now will help you get a head-start on your career.

Built-in tutors and task templates offer step-by-step and visual learning environments for many important math topics, including concepts in precalculus and calculus.

Via MapleCloud, you can access interactive tutors and calculators 24/7 from your computer or mobile device.

A continually growing library of Quick Start Tutorials, training videos, and recorded webinars make it easy to master the skills that will help you succeed in your studies.

Have a question or a problem? Help is always just a click away via, or Maple's extensive online help documentation.

You get access to thousands of free Maple applications, examples and tips from the Maple Application Center.

Hundreds of Math Apps make it easy to visually explore a broad set of fundamental concepts from functions & graphing, calculus, statistics, physics, and more.

And with Maple's Clickable Math approach, it's easy!

Watch this 4 minute video to see how quickly you can make Maple work for you.