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 Featured Videos:

Maple: Behind the Scenes
Maple is the result of over 30 years of dedication and effort by many talented people. In this video, you'll hear from a few of these people, and get a glimpse into the guiding principles that underlie Maple's development, making it what it is today

How Are Instructors Using Maple in the Classroom?
Maple has transformed the way that people teach and learn mathematics. It helps students learn better by illuminating theory and giving substance to abstract concepts. For instructors, it provides a creative environment for presenting math concepts in a creative and relevant way. Learn how real educators are using Maple in their classrooms to provide an engaging, effective learning experience for their students.


 All Videos:

Differential Equations in Maple

In this video, learn why Maple can solve differential equations problems no other system can handle.

Optimization in Maple

In this video, learn about the flexible, powerful tools Maple provides for solving optimization problems.

Multithreaded Programming
in Maple

In this video, learn how the task programming model in Maple makes multi-threaded programming much easier than other

High Performance Computing
in Maple

In this video, learn what makes Maple the ideal environment for performing difficult, large-scale computations.

Clickable Math

See firsthand how Maple’s easy-to-use equation editor, context menus, palettes, and other clickable interface features allow you to focus on the concepts, not the tool.


See how Maple can quickly produce professionally-rendered graphics to enhance your mathematical solutions.

Technical Documents

See how a typical problem-solving session can be transformed into a polished document.

Mathematical Algorithms

See a sample of Maple's mathematical abilities, with examples taken from a variety of fields.

CAD Connectivity

This brief demonstration shows how Maple's CAD connectivity works.

MapleCloud™ Document Exchange

Maple provides a single integrated environment for creating, distributing and receiving technical documents through the MapleCloud™ Document Exchange.

The Student Experience

Maple's smart document environment provides you with all the tools you need to easily create professional-looking assignments, research reports, and other technical documents and presentations.
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