Maple 10 for Engineering and Research

Special Training Offer

Offer Details:
Purchase a Single User License

Get an Invitation-only “Getting Started with Maple 10” Training Session
Training session to be offered at a number of pre-determined times throughout the next 13 weeks until the end of April 2006

Purchase 2 or 3 Licenses

Get a Personalized and Customized 1-hour WebEx Training Session
Training sessions to be delivered at a mutually-agreed upon time until the end of April 2006

Purchase 4+ User Licenses

Get Half Day Customized Onsite Training. Training sessions to be delivered at a mutually-agreed upon time within 6 months of purchases.

With Maple 10, you’ll discover the easiest way to harness the full power of mathematics! Smart, intuitive, powerful – whether you need quick answers to everyday engineering problems, or to build sophisticated technical documents and applications, Maple 10 offers you the best tools to enter, solve, and explore your mathematics.

" Maple is an excellent engineering tool that provides insight into the complex analytical problems engineers face everyday. When faced with mission critical analysis, Maple is a tool I can both trust and rely on in all my projects."
Craig Good, Design Analysis Engineer, Breed Technologies, Inc.
  • Easy to use, syntax-free interface allows rapid entry of expressions, matrices, plots and text
  • Include units and tolerances in your calculation sheets to reduce risk of error
  • Generate trusted, reliable results with industry-standard, proven solvers
  • Develop algorithms and procedures with full-featured programming language
  • Automatically generate code (C, FORTRAN, Java, VB and MATLAB) to incorporate solutions into your own applications
Single User purchases can be made through the Maplesoft Web Store

Information on all multi-user licenses can be obtained from your Maplesoft representative Kent Chisamore. Phone: 1-800-267-6583 ext. 315
*Until March 31, 2006 sales of new, upgrade and extensions of Maple 10 licenses (excluding high school) will be sold including the special offer for training.

To see Maple in action first hand, check out the demonstrations below:

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