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Newsletter for November 2005     
Welcome to the November 2005 Issue of the Maple Reporter e-newsletter! We aim to keep you up-to-date on the latest news from Maplesoft, with articles highlighting new products, innovative application areas, tips and techniques, events and much more.

This month's issue features news on the latest release of PSC Functions, a MapleConnect package to model curves and surfaces and for solving problems in 3-D. Other highlights include: the launch of Advanced Engineering Mathematics on CD, the new MAA-Maple T.A. Placement Testing Suite, details on the 2006 Maplesoft User Conference, and read the latest case study from a leading UK bank.

We hope you find this month's issue an enjoyable and informative read. We have many more exciting developments in the works at Maplesoft and we look forward to sharing them with you in the future.
News & Announcements

PSC Functions™ for Maple Version 2.1 Now Available
A package to model curves and surfaces, and for solving problems in 3-D geometry. Highlights of the new PSC Functions package include:

  • New routines for generating unified equations of cubic spline functions, curves and surfaces, and periodic extension of functions
  • Over 100 new documented examples in the help pages
  • Maple graphical procedures to visually examine symbolic equations of composite figures
  • Useful formulas for mathematically describing drawings in CAD systems
Advanced Engineering Mathematics CD Version
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple, the definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics, is now available on CD. Check out the Maplesoft Web store for ordering details.

Maplesoft Introduces MAA and Maple T.A. Placement Testing Suite
Place your incoming students in the right mathematics courses
quickly and painlessly using the renowned Mathematics Association
of America (MAA) placement tests offered through the Maple T.A.™
online testing environment.

Upgrade and Receive Your Free Maple Training Package!
Maplesoft is offering a promotion on Maple 10 upgrades. When you upgrade to Maple 10 you will receive a free training package! The Maple Training Package is a downloadable set of materials that will help you get the most out of Maple 10. Featured in the package is the complete set of Maple documents used in the Maple 10 Quick Start Training program. In addition, we have gathered together the best web materials we have including a comprehensive set of training videos. Offer expires December 30, 2005.

Maple 10 Term License Upgrade
Customers who purchased a term-based license of Maple 9.5 or 10 are eligible to convert to a perpetual license for a special price.
Click here to convert your license to perpetual use and continue to enjoy the power of Maple 10 without interruption.

 User Case Study
The Pure Mathematics at the Heart of Quantitative Finance
Robert Gibson* is a quantitative analyst with a leading UK bank, providing a broad range of financial services and innovative banking methods. He uses Maple to validate the analytics that underpin his trading tasks. The team of quantitative analysts at the bank has a pivotal function within the organization in pricing and assessing financial risk for share dealing and trading internationally. As part of that team, Gibson needs to carry out complex numeric and symbolic calculations on a daily basis. These calculations involve him in the construction of complex, bespoke mathematical instruments for analyzing the complicated financial data he grapples with daily.

Click here to read how this user used Maple to analyze complicated financial data.

Product Tips & Techniques

Commercial Tip & Techniques: Calling MATLAB Functions
from Maple 10
- Author: Maplesoft

Classroom Tips & Techniques: A First Look at Convolution
Author: Maplesoft
Maple T.A. Tips and Techniques – Including Images in Questions
Author: Maplesoft

Maple Adoption Program

Would you like to own your own home copy of Maple 10 for free?

Maple Adoption Program PictureJoin the Maple Adoption Program and receive a HOME USE copy of Maple 10, the ultimate productivity tool for solving mathematical problems and creating interactive technical applications. In addition to the powerful capabilities of Maple, you will have the convenience of being able to prep for classes in the comfort of your own home.

As a member of the Adoption Program, you will enjoy the many benefits that are included in the Adoption Kit that will be shipped directly to your home. Here are the benefits to you and your students should you choose to adopt Maple.

Benefits for the Instructor:
Faculty Home Use Copy of Maple 10
• Full set of Maple 10 manuals
• Introduction to Maple 10
• Maple 10 Quick Reference Card
• Integrating Maple 10 into the Math Curriculum
• Maple Gift Pack
• Student Discounts

Benefits for the Student:
• Student Copy of Maple 10
• Two Maple 10 Manuals
• Two Study Guides
• Demo of “Clickable Calculus”
• Access to our Maple Student Centre which includes: Maple Tutorials, Maple Graphics, Help with Classes & FAQ’s
A value of $170.00 USD for only $75.00 USD

Maplesoft Seminar Series
Modeling Multi-Body Mechanical Systems with DynaFlex Pro
December 13, 2:00-3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time
  Please visit for additional details and to register.

Maple Quick Start Training Courses

In this introductory course, you will become fluent in the Maple 10 environment, without ever having to leave your desk. Visit the Training area of the Maplesoft site for details.

Maple Quick Start E-Training Course
  Wednesday December 14, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT

Application Center Highlights
New Applications
Fourier Package – Math KMITNB
Mr. Napasin Sonjampa
The Maple V Share Library – Updated to Maple 10
Mr. John Maplenut

Formal series solutions to non-linear DE (ODE or PDE) or systems of them (Cauchy problem)
Yuri Kosovtsov
Mersenne Primes-Based Symmetric-Key Masquerade Block Cipher
Prof. Czeslaw Koscielny
Simplification with Side Relations
Roman Pearce
Formal Series Solutions to Linear PDEs or Systems of Them (Cauchy problem)
Yuri Kosovtsov
3D Animation with Maple
Analysing Data Files in Maple
Special Functions
Integrals with MapleNet
A Double Pendulum Model using DynaFlexPro and Maple
Creating an Animation of a Spatial Crank-Slider Mechanism using DynaFlexPro and Maple
SpaceLIB v. 3.1
Prof. Giovanni Legnani
Calculation of Mean First Passage Time (MFPT) - Univariate Potential
Dr. R Murugan
Circuit Design Problem
Janos D. Pinter
Differential Equations – Maple TA Question Bank
Peter Riegler

Maplesoft in the Press

This month check out the new Maple 10 Review:

Capturing Knowledge with Deep Maths, Scientific Computing World

In his review of Maple 10 Ray Girvan finds that Maple 10 has evolved to put a friendly face on deep maths. “The update continues in bringing its mathematical power into an accessible form that’s increasingly the norm for such packages, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a strong repertoire of pure mathematics in a clean modern interface”.

In addition to this Feature Article, check out the Reviews & Press area for all the latest on Maplesoft including coverage in Desktop Engineering, PC Magazine and Cadalyst Newsline.

Maple Conference 2006
July 23-26 2006

The Maple Conference is consistently one of the most engaging and enjoyable conferences in the math and computer world. Don't miss it!

Renowned keynote speakers
Networking sessions with expert Maple users from Maplesoft and around the world
Contributed sessions to present or publish your work
Optional training sessions to sharpen your Maplesoft product skills
Interdisciplinary program supports creative thinking in any field

Visit the Maple Conference 2006 Web site to find out how you can submit a paper or be a presenter.

Whitepaper: Technical Knowledge Capture
View the new whitepaper from Maplesoft:

Technical Knowledge: An Asset You Can Afford to Lose?
Beyond productivity, the use of Maple brings many other advantages to the technical organization

Mapleprimes logo

Maple Primes Community Site Update

Maplesoft’s online user community, MaplePrimes is an excellent source for getting help from and working together with other Maple users. Many tasks are being solved collaboratively by MaplePrimes members. For example, when an interesting web application was discovered for checking digits that are found in Pi, a challenge was raised to implement the same application within Maple. This caused users to come back with several different solutions to the problem; and brought about another application that allows users to access the Magma computer algebra system from within Maple. Visit MaplePrimes at and see what new challenges are being solved today.

Joint Mathematics Meeting
The Joint Mathematics Meetings, which will be held January 12-15, 2006 in San Antonio Texas, are held for the purpose of advancing mathematical achievement, encouraging research, and to provide the communication necessary to progress in the field. Maplesoft will be attending the event.

Maplesoft Resources
Recorded Seminars
Maplesoft offers a series of recorded downloadable demonstrations and seminars highlighting key features and functionality of Maplesoft products. Click here to view the available seminars.

Customized Seminars

Maplesoft is pleased to offer personal online seminars. These seminars assist users in learning new techniques to increase their effectiveness with Maplesoft products.
Contact Maplesoft today to schedule your seminar.
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