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How to Identify Legitimate Maplesoft Emails

Many of our contacts have asked how they can tell a legitimate Maplesoft email from a fraudulent one. There are a number of ways. The most important way to tell when an email comes from Maplesoft directly is through the domain name. Maplesoft emails are always sent from an email address with the following domain name:

Another way to tell a legitimate email from a fraudulent one is via attachments. Maplesoft would never send an attachment containing a product update. All product updates we send out either come to you automatically through your Maplesoft product 'power update' feature, or they can be downloaded directly from our product updates support page on our website.

Please be aware that Maplesoft has recently setup 'email authentication' on its outgoing emails. Email authentication allows receiving servers to better automate the process of identifying a legitimate sender. For a detailed explanation of 'email authentication,' please click here.

For additional details, please refer to the FAQ page, "How to Identify Legitimate Emails", on the Maplesoft website.


Maple and MapleNet Streamline the Development of
Solar Panel Foil Systems

As a technology consultant, Dr. Peter Waegli works with a wide range of companies to bring the latest and most efficient technology to his clients. His firm, Dr. P. Waegli-Research, provides technology-based strategies and solutions to clients. He has used mathematical simulation in a wide variety of applications, such as fibre optical pressure sensors, MEMS flow sensors, vacuum sensors, measuring systems for optical coatings, fibre optical switches for safety applications, medical imaging modalities, and many more. Maple is a trusted tool for Dr. Waegli in his technology development solutions.

“Maple has a very easy and flexible interface which makes it very simple to use,” said Dr. Waegli. “It is a very powerful and comprehensive mathematical engine.”

Dr. Waegli recently advocated the use of Maple in a project related to solar panels. Solar panels are composed of a collection of connected photovoltaic cells, and the type of cell interconnection technology affects the performance of the solar panel. Eppstein Technologies, a subsidiary of EppsteinFOILS, is a developer of innovative foil systems for interconnecting and encapsulating photovoltaic cells. In a recent project with Eppstein Technologies, Dr. Waegli used Maple and MapleNet to help the company streamline the development process of their foil systems.
Maplesoft Events
Mathfest 2012
August 2-4
Madison, WI, US
NI Week
August 6-9
Austin, Texas
9th International Modelica Conference 2012
September 3-5
Munich, Germany
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Information Sheets
Maple 16 What's New?
New Features in Maple 16
Maple 16 Academic Datasheet
Key Features in Maple 16 for Academic Users

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Social Networks
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Live Webinar: Symbolic Computation Techniques for Multibody Model Development and Code Generation
Tuesday, August 21 at 10:00 am EDT

Multibody models can generate large systems of differential algebraic equations (DAEs). These equations can take a significant amount of time to solve numerically and often the modeller needs to make difficult decisions between model fidelity and simulation speed.

This webinar presents some of the benefits of a general purpose symbolic computation environment when constructing and generating simulation code for multibody, multi-domain systems. Specifically, it considers how tools provided by these environments can be harnessed to generate highly efficient simulation code through coordinate selection, symbolic manipulation, and expression optimization.

MapleSim, a modeling and simulation platform that is based on the Maple symbolic computation engine and the Modelica® modeling language is used as the investigative tool. As a case study, different approaches to an inverse dynamics solution of a Stewart-Gough platform are modeled and exported to C-code for simulation and timing.



Recorded Webinar: Symbolic Computation Techniques for Advanced Mathematical Modeling

This webinar will demonstrate, through several applications and numerous case studies, how Maple is helping companies worldwide, including NASA, JPL, Toyota, Argiva, and Marquardt Gmbh, save time and reduce cost by providing more efficient and smarter methods for mathematical analysis. Within Maple, you can take advantage of some of the most advanced optimization techniques in the world. In addition, Maple provides thousands of functions for integral transforms, ODE, PDE, and DAE solving, linear algebra, statistics, finance, signal processing, and much more. Find out how Maple’s computational engine can help you tackle even your most complex mathematical problems.

Video: HEV Vehicles and the need for sophisticated models
  Dr. John McPhee and his team are collaborating with experts at Toyota and Maplesoft to develop math-based models and computer simulations, with a focus on automotive applications such as vehicle dynamics, powertrains, and hybrid electric vehicles.
New Teaching Examples Added
  My list of problems solved with Clickable-Calculus syntax-free techniques now numbers 154, spread over eight subject areas. Recently, Maplesoft posted to its website 44 of these problems...
Classroom Tips and Techniques: An Inequality-Constrained Optimization Problem
Author: Dr. Robert Lopez
Representation Triangles for Three Candidate Elections
Author: Dr. Joseph Kolacinski & Patrick Reilly
Live Webinars
ASME Webinar: Symbolic Computation Techniques for Multibody Development and Code Generation
Tuesday, August 21 at 10:00 am EDT
Algebra, Trig, and Precalculus Math – All by Syntax-Free Maple
Thursday, August 9, 2012 10:00 am EDT
Educational Techniques for the Next Generation of Engineers
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:00 am EDT
Clickable Calculus Series - Part #2: Integral Calculus
Thursday, August 16, 2012 10:00 am EDT
Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite
Thursday, August 23, 2012 10:00 am EDT
Recorded Webinars
Equações Diferenciais Ordinárias com Maple em Português
Cálculo Interativo com Maple 16
em Português
Noesis and Maplesoft in Design Optimization Partnership
Desktop Engineering, June 27, 2012

“The combination of Maple, MapleSim, and OPTIMUS gives users sophisticated ways of doing parameter studies for efficient designs in complex engineering processes, say the companies... The connection for Maplesoft products, which is implemented as a direct interface, is said to allow Maple and MapleSim users to apply OPTIMUS design optimization technology to find what is described as “the best parameter values for their complex designs, while continuing to take advantage of the flexible design environments and tools of MapleSim and Maple.”
Modelica-Based Consulting Services
OEM Off Highway Magazine, June 26, 2012

“Maplesoft announces the addition of professional consulting services to strengthen its portfolio of offerings for system-level modeling and simulation. Maplesoft consultants are available to help engineers reduce development time and risk, as well as create better products."
Bringing Modern Modeling Techniques to Vehicle Design
Product Design and Development, June 25, 2012

"The combination of MapleSim, VI-CarRealTime and the Connector allows for the fast, accurate modeling of automotive subsystems, such as powertrains and drivelines," said Paul Goossens, Vice President of Applications Engineering at Maplesoft. "Automotive engineers can easily do innovative work, exploring their designs in new and deeper ways, detecting problems earlier in the design cycle, and developing high-quality, practical solutions to their design challenges."

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