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Newsletter for January 2006     
Welcome to the January 2006 issue of the Maple Reporter e-newsletter! We aim to keep you up-to-date on the latest news from Maplesoft, with articles highlighting new products, innovative application areas, tips and techniques, events and much more.

This month’s issue features news on the latest update of Maplets for Calculus, a collection of educational Maplets designed to help students. Also, learn more about the strong and rapid adoption of Maple in the commercial market. Other highlights include: the Engineering and Scientific Calculation Tool Survey, recent awards, and check out the new interactive video for students.

We hope you find this month’s issue an enjoyable and informative read. We have many more exciting developments in the works at Maplesoft and we look forward to sharing them with you in the future.
News & Announcements

Engineering and Scientific Calculation Tool Survey
Maplesoft is conducting its first-ever international Engineering and Scientific Calculation Tool Survey. This survey will examine the current state of design, calculation and collaboration tools in engineering fields. It will also attempt to analyze the major issues and trends in engineering today and determine if these issues vary by region. Participants will receive the results for free and be automatically entered in a draw to win an iPod Nano.

Maplets for Calculus Update
Maplets for Calculus is a collection of educational Maplets designed to help students learn calculus. This latest release features three new Maplets, improved hints and expanded previewing, improved answer checking and suggestions for identifying errors, and increased ability for students to enter their own problems.

Placement Test Suite
As a result of the ongoing partnership between the MAA and Maplesoft, this exciting new product gives you the ability to provide MAA placement tests over the Internet, gives you easy administration, instant results, and flexible scheduling for your incoming students.

Commercial and Government Market Adoption of Maple 10 Far Exceeds Maplesoft's Expectations
Maplesoft has seen a rapid and strong adoption of Maple 10 by commercial and government users since its release. Maple 10 has received high praise from many leading technical publications, and has won several awards. The most recent was Scientific Computing 2005 Mathematics Product of the year.

Numerical Mathematics Consortium Outlines Specification for Algorithm Development
The Numerical Mathematics Consortium announced the availability of its preliminary technical specification, which outlines a list of more than 250 numerical mathematical functions that the consortium plans to standardize.

The Results Are In!
Advanced Engineering Mathematics™ with Maple wins Desktop Engineering Reader’s Choice Award.

Purchase, Upgrade or Extend Maple 10 Licenses and Receive Free Online Training
Until March 31st when you purchase, upgrade or extend your Maple 10 Professional license you will be offered to attend an invitation-only online training session. Single user licenses can be purchased in the Maplesoft Web Store. For multi-user purchases contact Maplesoft Sales.

View our Interactive Student Tour to see how Maple can help you succeed in math. With introduction by Professor Jack Weiner, an award-winning teacher and the author of the popular book "The Mathematics Survival Kit" or "How to Get an “A” in Math".

Product Tips & Techniques

Commercial Tips and Techniques: Plotting Points - Author: Maplesoft

Classroom Tips and Techniques: Linear ODEs and the Method of Undetermined Coefficients
Author: Maplesoft

Maple Adoption Program

Provide Your Class with the Benefits of Maple

Maplesoft Seminar Series
Introduction to Maple 10
Thursday February 23, 2006 - 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm EST
Online Placement Testing from Maplesoft and the MAA
Tuesday March 14, 2006 - 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST
Control System Development Using System Identification
Tuesday, March 28, 2006 - 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, EST
  Please visit for additional details and to register.

Application Center Highlights
New Applications
Standard Map on a Torus
Dr. Frank Wang
Rumors: Visualization and Analysis of a Stochastic Process
Prof. Steven R. Dunbar

Dynamical Systems with Applications using Maple
Dr. Stephen Lynch
Animation: The Directional Derivative and Gradient
Dr. William H. Richardson
Applications of Bezout Matrices
Dr. Shmuel Kaplan
Electric Field and Potential for Point Charges
Amir Hussein Khanshan
Time Dilation and Length Contraction Formulas
Mr. Mohammed Fadel Mokbel
Circumference of the Unit Circle
Mr. Muharrem Aktumen

Maplesoft in the Press

Maplesoft continues to receive much press. Recently there has been coverage in Scientific Computing World, United Press International, Aerospace Engineering, and Cadalyst Newsline. The featured article this month is a review of the Global Optimization Toolbox and Maple 10 in ORMS Today.

ORMS Today, December 2005

Maple 10 and the Global Optimization Toolbox - Integrated technical computing system for advanced nonlinear systems modeling and optimization

“The Global Optimization Toolbox can be valuable to O.R. professionals and students. The interactive Maplet interface is intuitive and lends itself well to classroom use and for demonstration and research purposes. The matrix form input to formalize GO problems is elegant and compact, lending itself well for larger-scale modeling purposes”. Excerpt from, “Maple 10 and Global Optimization Toolbox,” ORMS Today, December 2005.

In addition to this review article, check out the Reviews & Press area for all the latest on Maplesoft including coverage in Desktop Engineering, and PC Magazine.

Maple Conference 2006
July 23-26 2006

Keynote Speakers announced for Maple Conference 2006.
Online Registration Available

Important Dates:
February 28, 2006: Intent to submit a paper

March 17, 2006: Submission deadline for full paper

March 17, 2006: Submission deadline Maple in Action Abstracts

Visit the Maple Conference 2006 Web site to find out how you can submit a paper or be a presenter.

Whitepaper: An Innovative Approach to Post-Calculus Classical Applied Math
View the new whitepaper by Robert J. Lopez, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Maple Fellow

Maple Books:

A Short Course in Mathematical Methods with Maple

Heat Conduction with Maple

If you are publishing a paper or writing a book related to Maple, we can help you! Please send your comments to

Mapleprimes logo

Maple Primes Community Site Update

MaplePrimes, Maplesoft’s online user community is a great place for people who are interested in, or use mathematics to come together. Users are able to get help plotting stepwise functions, using OpenMaple, and using Maple for giving presentations. Many useful tips have been submitted to the site as well such as tips on using Maple 10 on a 64 bit machine, an interface for using Maple within Matlab, and a procedure for creating arbitrary sized lists. With new content appearing on the site every day, chances are that you will find something that interests you. Visit MaplePrimes and see how it can help you.

Creating a Culture of Success in Math & Science
February 15-17, 2006
Miami, FL

Joint Regional Meeting MAA & SIAM
Problem-Solving with the Point-and-Click Interface in Maple 10
March 30-April 1, 2006

Chautauqua Short Courses for College Teachers
Pedagogy and Methodology of Using Maple in the Classroom
May 12-14, 2006
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.

See our Events page for other upcoming shows.

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