ACADEMIC EDITION | December 2011 | Issue 12

ASEE Webinar Recording: Advanced Physical Modeling Tackles the Complexity of Modern Engineering

In an economy driven by the need for innovative, reliable, cost-effective solutions, there is enormous pressure being placed on engineering educators and researchers to produce efficient designs, and efficient students. Engineering researchers must not only develop models quickly, but also require in-depth analytical tools to help them investigate the intricacies of their models at a fundamental level. Engineering modeling software needs to offer increased capabilities for researchers, and also needs to be easy and intuitive enough to be used by undergrads so they can gain greater insight into the nature of physical systems. Fortunately, advanced physical modeling solutions are available for model development and analysis, while also increasing student comprehension.

This webinar illustrates how engineering researchers are making significant strides in their work with the help of advanced physical modeling technology. It highlights the work of three researchers, and discusses such diverse projects as space rovers, hockey sticks, parallel manipulators, and electric and hybrid-electric vehicle batteries. In this panel discussion lead by Dr. Derek Wright of Maplesoft, learn firsthand how advanced physical modeling and simulation technology can enrich your classroom and accelerate your research.

Dr. Derek Wright
Product Manager, Maplesoft

Dr. Amir Khajepour
Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, University of Waterloo
Canada Research Chair in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems
Dr. John McPhee
Professor, Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo
NSERC/Toyota/Maplesoft Industrial Research Chair, Mathematics-based Modeling and Design
Dr. Venkat Krovi
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo
Director of the Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory


Maplesoft Events
Complex Systems Design & Management (CSDM) 2011
December 7th - 9th
Paris, France
2011 Global Drivetrain Virtual Summit — Free Live Online Event
December 7th (8 am - 5 pm ET)
2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings
January 4th - 7th
Boston, USA
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Information Sheets
MapleSim Driveline Component Library Datasheet
Key Features of the MapleSim Driveline Component Library

Maple Training Materials Datasheet
Maple training materials that accommodate different needs and learning styles

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Maple Player for iPad

The Maple Player is a free application for the iPad that lets you view and interact with documents created in desktop Maple. It takes advantage of the powerful Maple computation engine, so you can enter values, move sliders, and click buttons to perform new calculations and visualize the results. You can even rotate 3-D plots with a brush of your fingertips!

This first release of the Maple Player for iPad comes with a collection of interactive calculators and conceptual explorations to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology. With the Maple Player, you can:

  • Find solutions to integrals, derivatives, and limits
  • Visualize the methods for finding the area of a circle and the volume of a cylinder
  • Understand the definition of limit
  • Plot arbitrary functions
  • Calculate solutions to linear systems
  • And more!
We are very interested in hearing your feedback on the Maple Player for iPad, as well as your ideas on how you would like to use Maplesoft technology on the iPad. Please share your thoughts with Maplesoft and the Maplesoft community at or on the Apple App Store!

Download the free Maple Player for iPad from the Apple App Store.


Virtual Driveline Summit

Last week, we attended the 2011 Global Drivetrain Virtual Summit, a free online event that provides the opportunity for you to explore global advancements in drivetrain technology from the comfort of your home or office. The event can be accessed on-demand and attendees can still visit our virtual booth, watch webcasts and more! Don’t forget to check out the webcast: Adjusting Drivetrain Design for EVs and Hybrids.

The Global Drivetrain Virtual Summit is created for design engineers, engineering management, and engineering educators to learn the latest about drivetrain development and trends. Hear from leading thought experts on their strategic outlook as they discuss topics such as: What impact will the next generation of passenger cars have on drivetrain design? What will drivetrain trends and challenges be for EVs and hybrids? How will transmissions, axles, and lubricants change?  What are the dangers inherent in marketing environmental performance? What should “green” really mean for your company or institution? What are the benefits, challenges, and future of CVT technology?

In its second year, the virtual summit is the largest online conference developed specifically for those involved in the research, design and/or implementation of drivetrain technologies including axles, transmissions, and torque control devices for automotive, commercial, and off-highway vehicles. It not only examines the global advancements in drivetrain technology for the ground mobility industry but also addresses regional issues, benefits, and disadvantages on a global scale.

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Holiday Tree Powered by MapleSim
  Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year from all of us at Maplesoft! To celebrate, we’ve created a Holiday Tree powered by MapleSim.
Santa's Sleigh Ride
The Physics of Santa Claus
Snowflake Fractals
Dimensional Analysis for Cooking a Turkey
Classroom Tips and Techniques: Simultaneous Diagonalization and the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
Author: Dr. Robert Lopez
  This article explores the connections between the generalized eigenvalue problem and the problem of simultaneously diagonalizing a pair of n × n matrices. <
Live Webinars
A Guide to Evaluating Maple 15
Tuesday, December 20 at 1:00 pm
Australian Eastern Standard Time
A Guide to Evaluating MapleSim 5
Tuesday, December 27 at 1:00 pm
Australian Eastern Standard Time
Recorded Webinars
Algebra, Trig, and Precalculus Math – All by Syntax-Free Maple
Introdução ao Maple 15 em Português
Two venerable math programs keep up with the times
IEEE Spectrum magazine, November 30, 2011

When speaking to the developers at Maple, I found them particularly proud of the program's new support for multicore processers, parallel programming for a cluster of local computers, and multithread computing, each of which can dramatically speed up large calculations. For example, they described problems involving sparse linear programming that were unfeasible in earlier versions but can be easily calculated in Maple 15.
Real Numbers
Design Engineering, November 9, 2011

In engineering research, detail is vital. Researchers must not only develop models quickly, but they also require in-depth analytical tools to help them understand on a fundamental level the intricacies of their models. Researchers at many academic institutions have adopted MapleSim, advanced physical modeling software from Maplesoft, as a key tool in their engineering research activities (see page 24 using link below).

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