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Newsletter for August 2008

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News & Announcements

Maplesoft announces that Cybernet Systems Taiwan (CST) has been appointed a Maplesoft Reseller in the region for Commercial and Government markets.

“Asia, rapidly emerging as one of the world’s largest markets, is a significant region for us,” said Jim Cooper, President and CEO of Maplesoft. “Maplesoft will leverage the expertise and relationships of Cybernet Systems to better service the growing number of engineers and scientists who are looking for best-in-class software to increase their analytical productivity.”

User Stories
Maple Helps Research Next-generation Seat Belt Restraints Aimed at Reducing Passenger Injury in Automotive Collisions

Pre-crash shoulder belt tensioning is a new technology designed to reduce automotive crash injuries. Pre-crash tensioning technology increases the opportunity to secure a passenger safely before a crash. Sensors and logic, designed to anticipate a crash, activate a motorized seat belt retractor that secures a shoulder belt around an occupant before the crash. Craig Good, a partner at Collision Analysis (Calgary) Ltd. and Ph.D. graduate at the University of Calgary used Maplesoft products to create a 2-D occupant model, using experimentally measured data. Once the model was created, it gave Good the flexibility to evaluate different scenarios to optimize the system.

To read these user stories or others visit Maplesoft User Case Studies

Product Tips & Techniques
Maple Tips and Techniques: Using Command Completion
Author: Maplesoft

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Application Center Highlights

An Exact Solution For Diffusion Equation In Semiconductor Devices
Author: Mr. Seyed Mostafa Akrami

Analytical solution for a Diffusion equation in semiconductor devices and a complete solution for electrons and holes considering Diffusion, Drift, Recombination, Generation & recombination and carrier trapping.

Animation of Dudeney's Dissection Transforming an Equilateral Triangle to a Squarer
Author: Prof. Mark D. Meyerson
Calculation Instruction for the Frobenius Decomposition With More Than One Input Variable and Their Transfer Functions Author: Mr. Andreas Schramm

Relaxation due to the Sqrt(t)-Law in Comparison with the MAXWELL-Fluid
Author: Prof. Josef Betten

General Triangle
Author: Prof. P. M. Velez

Geometrical View of Differential Equation dy/dx=f(x, y)
Author: Dr. Yasuyuki Nakamura

Maplesoft Webinar Series

Introduction to Maple 12 for Professionals
August 7, 2008 2:00 pm EDT.
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Maple 12 is the essential technical computing software for today’s engineers and scientists. Whether you need to do quick calculations, develop design sheets, or produce sophisticated high-fidelity simulation models, Maple 12 provides the necessary technology to reduce errors and dramatically increase your analytical productivity.

In this one-hour demonstration and Q&A forum, you will learn how Maple 12 combines the world’s most powerful mathematical computation engine with an intuitive user interface, a smart document environment that automatically captures all of your technical knowledge in an electronic form, and the ability to integrate with the rest of your toolchain.

Introduction to MapleSim: The Next Generation in Engineering Modeling and Simulation
August 13, 2008 2:00 pm EDT.
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MapleSim builds on Maple’s extensive numeric and symbolic computational abilities to perform high speed simulations of very complex models. MapleSim offers a number of advantages over traditional systems: it has the ability to mix physical components and traditional blocks; model diagrams map directly to the physical system; it offers natural multi-domain modeling; advanced units management; live design documentation; automatic generation of system equations; and model simplification using symbolic techniques. Be among the first to learn about MapleSim!

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Missed a Webinar? Check out our recorded Webinar section where you can browse and view recordings of past Webinars.

Maplesoft In The Press

Here are some highlights of this past month press coverage.

MapleSim, the Next Generation Tool for Modeling and Simulation: a Landmark Release for Engineering Design
Digital 50, July 12, 2008
Taking a look at Maplesoft’s new product - MapleSim

Maple Goes Bidirectional with Solid Models
Design Product News, July 14, 2008

In a review of Maple 12, Bill Fane, the reviewer, says Maple is no longer for scientists and mathematicians alone and that in the last 20 years Maple has developed an amazing repertoire of functionalities.

Maplesoft Issues Invite to Join Pilot Program
Inventor Connections, July 16, 2008

This publication encourages its readers to join the MapleSim pilot program and provide feedback to the product developers.

Industry Report, Laurent Bernardin, Maplesoft
Better Process Podcasts, July 18, 2008

An interview with Maplesoft's Chief Scientist Laurent Bernardin on MapleSim.

General Mathematical Software Tools in Geophysics
The Recorder Magazine, July 18, 2008

The use of Maple in the geophysics area is highlighted in an article published by the magazine of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The article discusses how a general tool such as Maple can be applied in a highly specialized context.

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center  for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.

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