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Newsletter for August 2008

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News & Announcements
Maple T.A. 4.0

Maplesoft recently announced the next release of Maple T.A., the company’s popular assessment technology tool. Maple T.A. 4.0 provides full support for question content in international languages, thus expanding the reach of the product to non-English speaking students.

Users will also have access to the Maple T.A.™  4.0 Building Block™ for Blackboard Learning System™ , an add-on product that allows customers to use Maple T.A. directly from inside their Blackboard® classes.

“Assessment technology takes on new dimensions with every release of Maple T.A.,” said Jim Cooper, President and CEO, Maplesoft. “With every new feature, it becomes easier, more convenient, and cost effective to make tests and assignments available online. Teachers get more time to concentrate on other tasks and students get immediate feedback, making this product a wise investment.”

User Stories
Professor of Mathematics Redefines Math Education With the Help of Maple

“Mathematics is not old or static; it is alive and students need to experience it,” exclaims Professor Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, describing his philosophy on math education. In his years of teaching, Prof. Gonzalez-Vega has realized that students spend a lot of time trying to understand the mathematic and scientific formulas that are the basis for concepts in scientific or engineering programs, often without much success. He introduced Maple in his courses and Prof. Gonzalez-Vega noticed positive changes in his students’ approach and in their results. With the new software, the students found it much easier and faster to solve problems and understand the mathematics.

To read these user stories or others visit Maplesoft User Case Studies

Streaming Video
MapleSim For Engineering Education: Innovations in Analysis, Design and Simulation
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Product Tips & Techniques
Classroom Tips and Techniques: Equation Labels for Displayed Math
Author: Dr. Robert J Lopez
Maple T.A. Tips and Techniques: User Accounts in Maple T.A. 4.0
Author: Maplesoft
Maple Tips and Techniques: Using Command Completion
Author: Maplesoft

Visit Tips & Techniques on the Maplesoft Website for more applications.

Application Center Highlights
Animation of Dudeney's Dissection Transforming an Equilateral Triangle to a Square
Author: Prof. Mark D. Meyerson

In 1902, Henry Ernest Dudeney posed the problem of cutting an equilateral triangular region into 4 pieces that can be rearranged to form a square region. His published solution notes that the pieces can be hinged so as to smoothly rotate from one form to the other. We use Maple packages in linear algebra, geometry, and plotting to construct a picture of the pieces, and then animate the construction.

Triangle to Square Image
Author: Prof. Josef Betten

Calculation Instruction for the Frobenius Decomposition With More Than One Input Variable and Their Transfer Functions Author: Mr. Andreas Schramm

Relaxation due to the Sqrt(t)-Law in Comparison with the MAXWELL-Fluid
Author: Prof. Josef Betten

General Triangle
Author: Prof. P. M. Velez

Geometrical View of Differential Equation dy/dx=f(x, y)
Author: Dr. Yasuyuki Nakamura

Maplesoft Webinar Series

Introduction to Maple 12 for Academics
August 6, 2008 2:00 pm EDT.
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Maple 12’s unique blend of computational power and ease-of-use makes it an essential tool for mathematics and modeling. Its smart document environment provides revolutionary Clickable Calculus™ and Clickable Engineering™ techniques for solving problems from any technical discipline, ensuring that students are instantly productive and engaged. The results can be incorporated in rich, interactive, live documents that are as professional-looking as a textbook.

Clickable Engineering Problem Solving Part 2 – Interactive Engineering Problem Solving
August 8, 2008 2:00 pm EDT.
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In Part 2 of this two-part Webinar, Dr. Robert Lopez explores exact and approximate solutions of a damped oscillator driven by a saw-tooth input; convolution; the Lagrange multiplier technique; temperatures in the exterior wall of a house; and the root locus. He will show how the discursive treatments of these calculations taken from his Advanced Engineering Mathematics e-book can be adapted to the new interface tools in Maple.

MapleSim For Engineering Education: Innovations in Analysis, Design and Simulation
August 14, 2008 2:00 pm EDT.
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Currently in pilot testing, MapleSim is a modeling and simulation software that derives numerically efficient models of complex systems using an intuitive block-diagram approach to defining system models.

MapleSim, a new multi-domain modeling and simulation system, offers significant reduction in model development time and runtime performance from traditional systems.  Distinct from traditional math and simulation software, MapleSim offers automatic derivation of model equations for more effective and engaging virtual simulations and exercises, dramatically more efficient models for real time simulations in research, and direct application to the emerging modeling problems in industry.

Clickable Calculus: Pre-Calculus, and Calculus of One and Several Variables
August 20, 2008 2:00 pm EDT.
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Join Dr. Robert Lopez as he explores Maple 12's remarkable set of user-interface features that makes common mathematical operations as easy as pointing and clicking. In this session, Dr. Lopez will solve a spectrum of standard (and not-so-standard) problems drawn from Pre-Calculus, and Calculus of one and several variables.

Introduction to Maple T.A. 4.0
August 28, 2008 2:00 pm EDT.
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Maple T.A. 4.0, the newest version of Maplesoft’s web-based testing and assessment system, includes a wide variety of enhancements and new features. This interactive session will provide an overview of the new and improved features in the latest release.

For further details or to enroll in a Webinar please click here.

Missed a Webinar? Check out our recorded Webinar section where you can browse and view recordings of past Webinars.

Maplesoft In The Press

Here are some highlights of this past month press coverage.

MapleSim, the Next Generation Tool for Modeling and Simulation: a Landmark Release for Engineering Design
Digital 50, July 12, 2008
Taking a look at Maplesoft’s new product - MapleSim

Maple Goes Bidirectional with Solid Models
Design Product News, July 14, 2008

In a review of Maple 12, Bill Fane, the reviewer, says Maple is no longer for scientists and mathematicians alone and that in the last 20 years Maple has developed an amazing repertoire of functionalities.

Maplesoft Issues Invite to Join Pilot Program
Inventor Connections, July 16, 2008

This publication encourages its readers to join the MapleSim pilot program and provide feedback to the product developers.

Industry Report, Laurent Bernardin, Maplesoft
Better Process Podcasts, July 18, 2008

An interview with Maplesoft's Chief Scientist Laurent Bernardin on MapleSim.

General Mathematical Software Tools in Geophysics
The Recorder Magazine, July 18, 2008

The use of Maple in the geophysics area is highlighted in an article published by the magazine of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The article discusses how a general tool such as Maple can be applied in a highly specialized context.

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center  for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.

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