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Newsletter for April 2008

This month’s issue highlights two new partnerships with key academic institutions: the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System and Fudan University in China.  Also, if you didn’t have a chance to attend a webinar from the new e-Symposium Series, the recorded versions are now available. Be sure to access the latest additions to the Maplesoft Application Center. These include Rubik’s Cube Maplet, Solution of a System of Differential Equations, and many others!  Finally,don’t miss this month’s Tips & Techniques:  The Student Precalculus Package – Commands and Tutors and Picking Distractors for Multiple Choice Questions in Maple T.A.

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News & Announcements
Over 100,000 students in the state of Minnesota to benefit from the use of Maple in engineering, math and science courses

Maplesoft and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System (MNSCU) announced a joint partnership that will make Maple™ available to 37 member universities and college campuses across the state, covering over 100,000 students. The software will be used in courses ranging from math and technology to engineering and sciences, and will aid in the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Maplesoft enters strategic partnership with Fudan University in China

Maplesoft announced a critical partnership with the School of Mathematical Sciences at Fudan University, a top institution for mathematics in China. In a first of its kind partnership that brings together a math company and a leading university in China, the two organizations have combined their resources to set up the Maplesoft-Fudan Joint Laboratory of Mathematics.


Streaming Video Webinars

e-Symposium Series - Physics-based Plant Modeling for Automotive Control Design
In this one-hour web seminar, Dr. Ken Butts of the Toyota Technical Center, USA will present some of the physical modeling challenges facing the company and its vision for the future development of Rapid Plant Modeling methodologies based on symbolic computation.

e-Symposium Series - Advanced Research Techniques in Mechatronics: Vehicle Dynamic Modeling in Steer-By-Wire Systems
This e-Symposium presents the work of Dr. Venkat Krovi, of the State University of New York, and his innovative application of new design software tools to accelerate the model development process and simultaneously increase model fidelity.


Product Tips & Techniques
Classroom Tips & Techniques: The Student PreCalculus Package – Commands and Tutors
Author: Robert J. Lopez, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Maple Fellow, Maplesoft

Maple T.A. Tips & Techniques:  Picking Distractors for Multiple Choice Questions
Author: Maplesoft

Visit Tips & Techniques on the Maplesoft Website for more applications.

Application Center Highlights
Rubik’s Cube Maplet
Author: Mr. Andrey S. Revenko
This application uses Maple technology to create a version of the "Rubik’s Cube" interactive 3D game.
Conduction Loss
Author:  Alan Elbanhawy

Bresenham’s Algorithm
Author: Dr. Zbigniew Radziszewski

Solution of a System of Differential Equations
Author: Dr. Yasuyuki Nakamura

Effect of Source Inductance on MOSFET Rise and Fall Times
Author: Alan Elbanhawy

Eigenvalue Problem of the Orthotropic Bimaterial with Semi-infinite Crack
Author: Dr. Tomas Profant
Cross Conduction in Modern Power MOSFET
Author: Alan Elbanhawy

Itô formula
Author: Duong Ngoc Hao

Stats Calculator
Author: Mr. Troy Searcy


Maplesoft Webinar Series

Clickable Engineering Math: Part 2 – Interactive Engineering Problem Solving
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT. 
In Part 2 of this two-part Webinar, Dr. Robert Lopez explores exact and approximate solutions of a damped oscillator driven by a saw-tooth input; convolution; the Lagrange multiplier technique; temperatures in the exterior wall of a house; and the root locus. He will show how the discursive treatments of these calculations taken from his Advanced Engineering Mathematics ebook can be adapted to the new interface tools in Maple.

Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT. 
This interactive session will provide an overview and demonstration of the Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite. A result of the ongoing partnership between the MAA and Maplesoft, this exciting product gives you the ability to provide MAA placement tests over the Internet, and offers easy administration, instant results, and flexible scheduling of incoming students.

Clickable Calculus: Pre-Calculus, and Calculus of One and Several Variables
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT.
Join Dr. Robert Lopez as he explores Maple 11’s remarkable set of user-interface features that makes common mathematical operations as easy as pointing and clicking. In this session, Dr. Lopez will solve a spectrum of standard (and not-so-standard) problems drawn from Pre-Calculus, and Calculus of one and several variables.

Maple Connectivity Tools for Simulink®/MATLAB®
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT.
This Webinar will introduce you to the power of the Maple product line for rapidly developing solutions and deriving highly efficient engineering system models for easy implementation in your simulation tool-chain.  Generate optimal design parameters using automated optimization tools, and import Simulink models into Maple for analysis and simplification.

Prototype and Simulate Vehicle Systems Using Maplesoft’s Design Engineering Tools
Wednesday, April 30, 2008 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT.
More than ever, automotive engineers are faced with the need to develop high-fidelity vehicle systems under shorter production cycles. Maplesoft’s new approach to modeling engineering systems allows engineers to formulate the dynamic equations for multi-body, multi-domain systems found in many vehicle components. This Webinar gathers together several experts in the field of vehicle dynamics to present and discuss this approach in the context of Maplesoft’s domain-specific product line.

For further details or to enroll in a Webinar please click here.

Missed a Webinar? Check out our recorded Webinar section where you can browse and view recordings of past Webinars.


Maplesoft in the Press
Here are some highlights of this past month's press coverage.

Software builds system models
Electronic Product Design
When automotive engineers need high accuracy and real-time performance, they need math software to build system models for applications such as hardware in the loop testing.

Model development and optimization in interactive computing environments
Central European Journal of Operations Research
In this article, Dr. Janos D Pinter discusses Maple and the Global Optimization Toolbox from Maplesoft.

Beyond the Skies
Scientific Computing World
In an article about the use of scientific software in the field of astronomy, the magazine discusses the use of Maple in modeling the magnetosphere.

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center  for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.

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