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Newsletter for April 2009

Welcome to the Maple Reporter Academic Newsletter!

MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox chosen as Editor's Pick of the Week

MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox has been selected by Desktop Engineering as the “Editor’s Pick of the Week.” Editor Tony Lockwood says, “Maplesoft, the engineering, science, and mathematics software developer that's been making the tools engineers have used to change the way the world operates for 20 years, is in on a tear. Back in January, I told you about MapleSim, their new multidomain tool that lets you diagram, simulate, and model complex systems that have real-world headaches like continuous and discrete signals, hydraulics, and analog, digital, and multiphase electric circuits. Today, it's the MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox, which lets you integrate your MapleSim models with Simulink®, the multidomain environment for designing and simulating dynamic and embedded systems from The MathWorks™. In two words: greater productivity.”
Exploring Chaos and Dynamical Systems with MapleSim
Dr. Stephen Lynch is a world class leader in the use of mathematical software in teaching and learning, and a renowned expert on dynamical systems and their applications. He teaches a range of courses at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, and has been nominated for a second time by MMU for a National Teaching Fellowship. Dr. Lynch has chosen to feature MapleSim in the second edition of his best-selling book, Dynamical Systems and Applications using Maple. The book introduces readers to the theory of dynamical systems through theoretical and practical examples, all illustrated with programs created with software tools from Maplesoft. dynamical system
A Flight into the Future with MapleSim

Dr. Richard Gran is well placed to appreciate the benefits modern technology has brought to modeling and simulation. As a key member of the NASA team that designed the digital flight control system for the Apollo Lunar Module in the 1960s, he spent many months developing a FORTRAN simulation on an IBM 7090 to verify the design. Now the president and CEO of The Mathematical Analysis Company, he uses MapleSim™ to reduce the time it takes to develop physical models and prototype control systems. "MapleSim saved me many hours of work because the model maps onto the topology of the physical system and the dynamic equations do not have to be developed by hand," he said.


Maplesoft Blog Posts
Find out what's happening at the heart of Maplesoft, and provide your comments and feedback to the Maplesoft experts.

Maplesoft Marketer Identity Revealed
Every time you’ve read our newsletter “The Maple Reporter,” an email, or a letter from Maplesoft, you’ve read my work. Read More>>

Happy Pi Day!
On March 14, this “holiday” is celebrated by those of us geeky enough to realize that this date, 3/14, is also the common approximation of the number π. Read More>>

The Math and Science Crisis?
In the media today, there continues to be much discussion about how students in North America are moving away from the math, science, and engineering disciplines. Read More>>

A picture is worth a thousand words...
It really was one of those light-bulb moments where the Universe unfolded as it should … and now I pay due homage to this work of scientific art. Read More>>
Spring is in the Air
For me, spring in my town is not defined by the temperature or amount of sunshine. It’s defined, oddly enough, by robots…. Read More>>
The Remarkable Story Behind the Mandelbrot Munk
While visiting a cathedral in Germany, Bob Schipke, a retired Harvard mathematician was astounded to find a glyph in a 13th century manuscript that looked remarkably like the Mandelbrot set. Read More>>
Introducing Maplesoft's New Application Center
Over the past few months, a team of dedicated staff has been working hard on a project that has recently come to fruition: I’d like to introduce you to Maplesoft’s new and improved Application Center. Read More>>
It's a Numbers Game
When I was a toddler and learning about the concept of numbers, I used to play a simple game with my parents.  They’d think of a number, and I’d try to guess it.  They would shout “hotter!” if I were getting closer to the number and “colder!” if I was getting further away. Read More>>

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Application Briefs

Mooring of Two Ships
The mooring of ships to harbors, terminals, and offshore structures is a common and essential procedure in most seafaring operations. Read More>>

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Product Tips & Techniques

Classroom Tips and Techniques: Trigonometric Parametrization of an Ellipse
Author: Dr. Robert J Lopez

Maple Tips and Techniques: Notational Devices for ODEs
Author: Maplesoft

Visit Tips & Techniques on the Maplesoft website for more applications.

Application Center Highlights
Derivatives and Tangent Straight Lines
Author: Prof. Jorge Alberto Durán
Kabel (Freileitung) zwischen zwei Masten
Author: Prof. Josef Betten
Model Fitting With Experimental Data
Author: Maplesoft

Expanding Variety Model with Rising R&D Cost
Author: Marcus Davidsson

Automatic Equation Generation from a Lead Compensator Circuit
Author: Maplesoft

Milnor and Tyurina Numbers
Author: Prof. Lea Terracini
Author: Prof. Michele Rossi

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Maplesoft Webinar Series
MapleSim Training
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 2:00 pm ET.

This MapleSim Training Webinar is a 1 hour webinar that will include a basic introduction to the modeling environment found in MapleSim as well as a walk-through of the "Getting Started" tutorial. It will briefly cover how to use the new Dynamic Systems package found in Maple to analyze equations from MapleSim, and will also touch on advanced multibody system modeling, as well as the basics of how to create a custom component for MapleSim using the "Custom Component" templates. No prior knowledge of MapleSim is required.
Optimization and Analysis Using Maple
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2:00 pm ET.

Many scientific and engineering applications have to obey tight performance tolerances. Initial designs are often sub-optimal, and to arrive at better operating conditions, manual iterative processes using, for example, calculators or spreadsheets are applied. This can take many hours, or even days. Often the solution obtained through such processes is still far from adequate. Over the last few decades, software tools boasting advanced nonlinear systems modeling and optimization algorithms have become significantly simpler to use, and no longer require specialized knowledge; this has accelerated the productivity of technical professionals across all domains. With Maple, you can take the result of over twenty-five years of continual investment in basic research and design to better model and optimize scientific and engineering designs in less time. This webinar will demonstrate, through several applications, how Maple provides an easy-to-use environment for advanced modeling and optimization.
Clickable Calculus: Pre-Calculus, and Calculus of One and Several Variables
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 2:00 pm ET.

Join Dr. Robert Lopez as he explores Maple’s remarkable set of user-interface features that makes common mathematical operations as easy as pointing and clicking. In this session, Dr. Lopez will solve a spectrum of standard (and not-so-standard) problems drawn from Pre-Calculus, and Calculus of one and several variables.

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Maplesoft In The Press

Here are some highlights of this past month press coverage.

New Math
IEEE Spectrum, April 9, 2009

Software reviewer Ken Foster details out the benefits of MapleSim for modeling and simulation, and Maple for math computation, againt similar products.

Change and Renewal in Engineering
Time Compression Magazine, March 20, 2009

Tom Lee writes in Time Compression magazine that change and renewal is gripping the engineering industry. He predicts that “the end result will be a spectacular renewal of automotive technology in a short amount of time, and we will witness literal revolutions in fuel technology, intelligent power management, and system controls.”
Beyond Signal-Flow Based Simulation
Design Products and Applications, February 25, 2009

In an article on engineering software, Laurent writes that fierce competition in the industry is putting enormous pressure on engineers to produce new designs that will appeal to today’s customers. His solution: Physical modeling and simulation tools such as MapleSim to reduce time-to-market.

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.

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