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Newsletter for May 2006    
Welcome to the May 2006 Issue of the Maple Reporter e-newsletter! We aim to keep you up-to-date on the latest news from Maplesoft, with articles highlighting new products, innovative application areas, tips and techniques, events and much more.

This month’s issue features news on the launch of the Introduction to Derivative Securities e-book, powered by Maple. This e-book brings derivative pricing theory to life with live Maple computations. We’ve also launched the Maplesoft Podcast series - MapleCast. Featuring insight and commentary from renowned industry experts, listen to the first episode today! Also, check out this month’s Tips & Techniques as well as the latest news about the Maple Conference, and more.

We hope you find this month’s issue an enjoyable and informative read. We have many more exciting developments in the works at Maplesoft and we look forward to sharing them with you in the future.
News & Announcements

Maplesoft MapleCast - MapleCast is a biweekly program that takes you inside Maple and around the global mathematics scene. From the latest news to interviews with experts, MapleCast offers a lively and informative look into the modern world of mathematics, computing, and of course, Maple. The first episode, “In the Beginning,” features an interview with Dr. Keith Geddes, a pioneer in mathematical computation and the inventor of the Maple system, as well as company and industry news coverage and a product segment on the new Maple 10 interface with Maple expert Eithne Murray.

Click here to download Episode 1.

Introduction to Derivative Securities: An Interactive E-Book, Powered by Maple - Derivatives pricing theory comes alive in this interactive e-book powered by Maple. Readers can run live Maple computations, graphics, and point-and-click Maplet applications under a wide variety of payoffs and conditions. Readers can experiment with interactive computations using the book and its solutions manual as a tutorial for solving problems of increasing complexity. With clear explanations and rich illustrations, the e-book teaches core theoretical concepts so often hidden behind difficult terms and institutional details.

BlockBuilder for Simulink Seminar Materials Available for Download. - Last month we told you about the latest product from Maplesoft, BlockBuilder for Simulink. We have seen much success with its recent launch. Dr. Richard Gran, Member of the Digital Flight Control System design team for the Apollo Lunar Module said, "Preparing system models by hand for use in Simulink can be laborious and error-prone, often taking up to 80% of the project time. With BlockBuilder for Simulink, projects that would have taken days to complete are turned around in a matter of hours." The entire recorded Modeling and Simulation seminar, along with all the presentation slides, are now available for download.

A Survival Kit for Calculus Students
- What if you could automatically solve some of the most difficult problems in calculus ... like limits or integration? What if you had a whole range of special learning tools that help you visualize key concepts? What if you had lots of examples to help you make sense of all? And what if all of this was available in convenient, powerful software that's less expensive than most textbooks? The Maple 10 Calculus Kit was designed to help you succeed in calculus. Combining four of the most popular software packages, Maple 10 Student Edition, the Precalculus and Calculus Study Guides, and Maplets for Calculus, you get a huge range of tools to help you work through your homework and improve your comprehension.

Joint Webcast with National Instruments: Platforms for Advanced Algorithm Development and Verification, Tuesday May 10th, 2006, 1:00p.m. CDT Are you looking for ways to design algorithms more efficiently? This Webcast will show how powerful mathematical tools like Maple and LabVIEW can increase your productivity when designing algorithms for aerospace, automotive, electronics, and life sciences applications. Register Now!

Precalculus and Calculus Study Guides
- The Calculus Study Guide has been enhanced to include over 100 Maple-graded questions using the Maple T.A. Integration feature of Maple 10. Students can now test their understanding of each lesson by answering randomly generated questions related to the topic. Questions allow free-form entry of responses, and provide instant feedback and hints.

The Precalculus Study Guide has been updated to take advantage of the Maple 10 document features. The appearance of this study guide has been enhanced through improved layout of tables and figures, and the increased use of 2D math.

Maple Adoption Program™

The success of the Adoption Program has been overwhelming! Many faculty and students have been participating in the program for over two years and there are no signs of registrations slowing down.

Get started today and register your summer courses today! Complete program information and electronic registration can be found at

Maplesoft Seminar Series
Maplesoft’s monthly web seminars provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn about interesting applications, new techniques, and upcoming products. Hosted live by senior Maplesoft product experts, these 1 hour interactive sessions offer the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenter. Whether you are a seasoned Maple user, or someone looking to find out what Maple is all about, this seminar series will offer an opportunity to learn something new and interesting.

Tuesday May 9th, 2006, 2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT -
Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite
Tuesday May 23rd, 2006, 2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT -
Introduction to Global Optimization Toolbox for Maplesoft
Tuesday June 6th, 2006, 2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT -
Introduction to Maple 10
Thursday June 22nd, 2006, 2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT -
Modeling Multi-body Mechanical Systems with DynaFlexPro

Product Tips and Techniques
Tips & Tech Graphic

Maple Tips and Techniques: Building Blocks with BlockBuilder: DC Motor Example
Author: Maplesoft

Classroom Tips and Techniques: Formal Series Solutions of ODEs
Author: Robert J. Lopez, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Maple Fellow, Maplesoft

Application Center Highlights
The Maple Application Center has received the following new applications over the last month:

Surfaces in Other Coordinate Systems
David Macias Ferrer
A Collection of Polar Plots
Amir Hussein Khanshan

Volume of Geometric Solids trough Double Integrals
Prof. David Macias

Maplesoft in the Press

Maplesoft continues to receive press from many publications such as Desktop Engineering, Scientific Computing World, and Cadalyst. The following feature article, written by Maplesoft veteran Dr. Tom Lee, was featured as a Desktop Engineering Web exclusive.

Beyond Backsolving
By Dr. Tom Lee

“ Calculation is the backbone of engineering and software products have evolved to precisely meet the needs of the practitioner. Most of the time this is great news. However, in some cases, overspecialization can potentially limit design flexibility and creativity. An example I like to point to is that of “backsolving,” which is the inverse of the typical formula calculation. What is inherently a slight mathematical variation of a standard calculation problem, some software products cast as a specialized technique requiring additional knowledge.”

Excerpt taken from, “Beyond Backsolving”, Desktop Engineering, April 16, 2006.

In addition to this article, check out the Press Coverage area for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.

Maple Conference 2006
July 23 – 26, 2006, Waterloo, Canada

Conference Update:
Register for a free, hands-on pre-conference workshop for beginners, or for an in-depth post-conference workshop on such topics as,

• Maple Fundamentals
Advanced Maple Usage
Maple Programming for Advanced Users
Maple T.A. – Placement Tests and Beyond
Maple T.A. – Advanced Question Creation

For more details, visit
Maple Conference 2006 Poster Now Available

Download PDFs of the official conference poster. Two versions are available: large 11x17, standard 8.5x11, and standard A4. Post and pass on to your colleagues!

Online Registration Now Available - Register Today

Maple Books:

If you are publishing a paper or writing a book related to Maple, we can help you! Please send your comments to

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Maple Primes Community Site Update

The MaplePrimes online community lets Maple enthusiasts from all over
the world to share ideas and to quickly get answers to their Maple or Maple T.A. questions. Recent additions include the ability to publish Maple 10 documents that connect to MaplePrimes own MapleNet server allowing you to easily deploy live Maple applications online, and a new collaborative book on power-user techniques for advanced Maple users. As always new users are welcome to ask seasoned Maple users about Maple techniques. Join us at


The 2006 Ontario Association for Mathematics Educators Annual Conference (OAME 2006)
May 11- May 13, 2006
Fanshawe College, London, Ontario

Chautauqua Short Courses for College Teachers
Pedagogy and Methodology of Using Maple in the Classroom
May 12-14, 2006
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.

CIT-SUNY Conference on Instructional Technologies (CIT 2006)
May 30-June 2, 2006
State University of New York at Fredonia, 2 Fredonia, New York

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