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Newsletter for March 2009

Welcome to the Maple Reporter Academic Newsletter!

Building Better Mathematicians

Math software technology from Maplesoft is helping Professor Roger Kraft to better teach math students at Purdue University Calumet. He uses Maple to give students a greater understanding of the subject, help clarify concepts taught in the classroom, and deliver an interactive medium for exploring and visualizing functions. Read More>>
MapleSim used in the field of renewable energy engineering

David Parker, an engineer with many years of experience working in electronics engineering and related fields, has always been interested in the topic of renewable energy, particularly solar energy. He began his career in the US Navy where he first learned basic electronics, and has since worked in numerous high-tech research institutes and companies including the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Ampex Corporation, and the High Energy Physics Lab at Stanford University. Parker’s first project dealing with renewable energy was to design and build a 1.2 KW grid-tied photovoltaic system for his home. He found himself drawn to issues concerning the environment, specifically with respect to alternative energies, and so he decided to study within this particular engineering field. Read More>>
MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox to help extend and enhance Simulink® models

Close on the heels of the release of MapleSim™, Maplesoft™ announces the availability of the MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox. This new product enables users to export high-performance MapleSim models into Simulink®, thus taking advantage of the intuitive, multi-domain physical modeling environment of MapleSim as part of their toolchain. Using this toolbox, high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to S-Function blocks for seamless inclusion in Simulink® diagrams. Models created this way are highly efficient due to MapleSim’s symbolic preprocessing and optimized code generation.

As a special introductory offer, anyone who purchases MapleSim before March 31, 2009, will receive this toolbox at no additional cost. The products are available directly from the Maplesoft Web Store or by contacting Maplesoft Sales at 1-800-267-6583.
MapleSim Japanese edition to bring cost and time benefits to engineers in Japan

MapleSim™, the new high-performance multi-domain modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft™, is now available in a Japanese Edition. “With the MapleSim Japanese edition, engineers now have access to a powerful modeling and simulation tool, along with the world’s most advanced symbolic computing engine of Maple,” said Yoichi Mizoguchi, board member and general manager at Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd., Maplesoft’s partner in Japan. “Our important partnership with Maplesoft continues to provide Japanese engineers with tools and technology that help them save project time and cost.”
How do I...? with MapleSim
Looking for answers about MapleSim? Visit MaplePrimes and check out the MapleSim user forum. Ask questions and get answers directly from the MapleSim developers!


Maplesoft Blog Posts
Find out what's happening at the heart of Maplesoft, and provide your comments and feedback to the Maplesoft experts.

An Optimal Day
Yesterday was one of those remarkable days when everything seems just about right. Read More>>

Everything’s coming up green!
It seems like everywhere you turn lately, people are talking about how to be kinder to the planet. Read More>>

Am I Making Sense?
It seems that as well as making you a better mathematician, Maple will poke and prod you into being a better writer. Read More>>

A Remarkable Journey
Last week I had the distinct pleasure of attending the retirement celebration for Dr. Keith Geddes, founder of Maplesoft and inventor of the Maple system. Read More>>
Was Shakespeare a Drummer?
Great playwrights and poets are drummers – they craft the written word so that the rhythm and the cadence of their dialogue when spoken are a drumbeat, and combine with the meaning of the language to create emotion. Read More>>
Space… the inevitable frontier
It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for matters of space and space exploration … so even if we have all sorts of great news about modeling advancements in automotive, or electronics, it will never be as thrilling (yes this is the right word) as the things I encounter through my work at Maplesoft that deal with space. Read More>>

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Application Briefs

A Novel Approach to Stabilize the Re-Entry Path of a Space Shuttle
Stability and robustness are fundamental design requirements of any control system. Read More>>

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Product Tips & Techniques

Classroom Tips and Techniques: Plotting a Slice of a Vector Field
Author: Dr. Robert J Lopez

Maple Tips and Techniques: Creating Effective Maple Documents
Author: Maplesoft

Visit Tips & Techniques on the Maplesoft website for more applications.

Application Center Highlights
Representations of Piecewise Continuous Functions
Author: Prof. Josef Betten
Resolucion de la ecuación de la elástica para una viga simplemente apoyada con carga distribuida q(x), por el método aproximado de las series de Fourier
Author: Prof. Ing.Oscar Barreto
Resolucion de la ecuación de la elástica para una viga simplemente apoyada con carga distribuida q(x), por el método aproximado de las series de Fourier
Author: Prof. Ing.Oscar Barreto

Interpolación Polinomial de las observaciones del precio de la tonelada de hoja verde de yerba mate
Author: Prof. Ing.Oscar Barreto

Visualizing the Laplace-Runge-Lenz Vector
Author: Dr. Frank Wang

Resolucion de la ecuacion de navier
Author: Prof. Ing.Oscar Barreto
Resolucion de la ecuacion de placas planas de germain-lagrange
Author: Prof. Ing.Oscar Barreto

Teorema de Cambio de Variables
Author: Mr. Sebastián I Varas Kittel

Two-way Passive Crossover
Author: Maplesoft
Automatic Equation Generation from a Lead Compensator Circuit
Author: Maplesoft
Importing a Simulink® Model to MapleSim Author: Maplesoft MLF/MIFF Public-Key Steganocryptography Destined for E-mail Protection
Author: Prof. Czeslaw Koscielny
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Maplesoft Webinar Series
MapleSim For Engineering Education: Innovations in Analysis, Design and Simulation
Thursday, March 12, 2009 2:00pm ET.

MapleSim is a modeling and simulation software that derives numerically efficient models of complex systems using an intuitive block-diagram approach to defining system models. MapleSim offers significant reduction in model development time and runtime performance from traditional systems. Distinct from traditional math and simulation software, MapleSim offers automatic derivation of model equations for more effective and engaging virtual simulations and exercises, dramatically more efficient models for real time simulations in research, and direct application to the emerging modeling problems in industry.
Introduction to Maple T.A.
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 2:00pm ET.

Maple T.A. 4.0, the newest version of Maplesoft’s web-based testing and assessment system, includes a wide variety of enhancements and new features. Focusing on ease of use, this release contains an enriched authoring environment, a brand-new Gradebook, and additional authentication and administration features. This interactive session will provide an overview of the new and improved features in the latest release.
Clickable Engineering Math: Part 2 – Interactive Engineering Problem Solving
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 2:00pm ET.

Maplesoft’s “Clickable Calculus” has introduced an exciting new dimension in calculus education. The idea of powerful mathematics, delivered through very visual, interactive, point and click methods, is spawning a new generation of teaching and learning techniques in mathematics. “Clickable Engineering Math” continues this philosophy into the applied sciences. In Part 2 of this two-part Webinar, Dr. Robert Lopez explores exact and approximate solutions of a damped oscillator driven by a saw-tooth input; convolution; the Lagrange multiplier technique; temperatures in the exterior wall of a house; and the root locus. He will show how the discursive treatments of these calculations taken from his Advanced Engineering Mathematics ebook can be adapted to the new interface tools in Maple.

For further details or to enroll in a Webinar please click here.

Missed a Webinar? Check out our recorded Webinar section where you can browse and view recordings of past Webinars.


Maplesoft In The Press

Here are some highlights of this past month press coverage.

Maple 12 Delivers Powerful Mathematics Tools
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation, March 6, 2009

In this product review of Maple 12, John Wass, the reviewer, discusses that the trend in scientific software is towards simplicity, especially in the mathematics sphere. He says that Maple 12 with its “greatly enhanced feature set” flattens the learning curve for new users.

Beyond signal-flow based simulation
Design Products and Applications, February 25, 2009

In an article on engineering software, Laurent writes that fierce competition in the industry is putting enormous pressure on engineers to produce new designs that will appeal to today’s customers. His solution: Physical modeling and simulation tools such as MapleSim to reduce time-to-market.
MapleSim 1.0: The easy way to do mathematical design analysis
Product Design and Development, February 20, 2009

This engineering design magazine takes a closer look at MapleSim and finds that it is an “easy way to do mathematical design analysis.”

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.


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