Santa's Sleigh Ride, Joint Mathematics Meetings

Newsletter for December 2009

Complex physical modeling in less than two days!

Maplesoft will once again be attending the Joint Mathematics Meetings from January 13-15 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California. For over 15 years Maplesoft has attended the Joint Mathematics meetings - it’s an opportunity for us to catch up with some of our long-term users as well as meet our new users face-to-face. Please drop by for a complimentary demonstration of Maple, Maple T.A., or the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite, to enter our draw for an iPod Touch or to pick up your FREE CD packed with course content!

We will also be hosting a hands-on training session titled: “Mastering Maple - Classroom Techniques” on Thursday, January 14th, 2010 from 9:00 am – 10:00 am in the Pacific J room of the San Francisco Marriott (55 Fourth Street, San Francisco, California, 94103). Join Christina Spirou, Maplesoft’s Product Director of Research and Development, and learn some tips and tricks for getting students to become instantly productive and engaged in learning, without extra tutorials or instruction, and also how to incorporate Maplesoft resources into your curriculum. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get hands–on training and speak with a Maplesoft Product Director! To RSVP for this training session click here, or visit us at the Maplesoft Booth #400.


Recorded Webinar: Accelerating the Design of Embedded Control Systems for Vehicle Applications
Complex physical modeling in less than two days!

If you missed last months webinar presented by Maplesoft and the SAE, the recorded version is now available!

Tomorrow’s cars must be greener, safer, just as fast or even faster, and cheaper than today’s cars. The consequent demands that these seemingly conflicting requirements put on the modern control system are enormous. The plant models now demand a level of fidelity that would literally suck months from an engineering team, and in many cases, resulting models may not have the speed necessary to support HIL simulations.

This seminar is about accelerating these tasks through the emerging generation of engineering modeling tools. Deploying advanced techniques such as physical modeling, symbolic computation, optimized code generation, and loss-less model simplification, engineering teams are beginning to see time savings of an order of magnitude in both the plant model development process and real-time execution. The webinar will present both the conceptual framework as well as practical application demonstrations of these techniques using the modeling system MapleSim.

To view a recording of this webinar, click here.


Santa's Sleigh Ride featuring MapleSim 3

Complex physical modeling in less than two days!With the holiday’s right around the corner, there is a festive vibe going around the Maplesoft office. Decorations have been hung, lights have been strewn, and we’ve just had our first snow fall of the season. Our application engineering group has also gotten into the holiday spirit. Using MapleSim 3, the leading physical modeling tool, they’ve created a simple flight path for Santa and have modeled the effects his body would experience as he is flying through the night sky on Christmas Eve. Granted this doesn’t have all the features, like the weight of his toy bag, or the aerodynamic effects 8 reindeer would have on his flight, but it’s a good starting point.

To download the MapleSim model, or to view the video of Santa's flight, click here.

MapleSim 3 is the ideal software package for developing models for multi-domain engineering systems, including sophisticated plant models for control systems development. MapleSim’s intuitive physical modeling environment offers a powerful and flexible set of tools, which dramatically extends your modeling capacity. In addition to supporting rapid model development, MapleSim produces highly optimized equation-based models to provide the best possible real-time performance for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications.

To request an evaluation of MapleSim 3, click here.

More holiday fun: Talkin' Turkey, The Physics of Santa Claus, and Snowflake Fractals.


Maplesoft Blog Posts
Find out what's happening at the heart of Maplesoft, and provide your comments and feedback to the Maplesoft experts.
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Tips & Techniques

Classroom Tips and Techniques: Geodesics on a Surface
Author: Dr. Robert Lopez

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Application Center Highlights

Complex physical modeling in less than two days!

Snowflake Fractal

Author: Maplesoft

Complex physical modeling in less than two days!
Dimensional Analysis for Cooking a Turkey
Author: Maplesoft

Author: Maplesoft

Point Mass Translating on a Wire
Author: Maplesoft

tic tac toe game
Author: Xavier Cormier
Approximation to Piecewise Continuous Functions
Author: Maplesoft
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Maplesoft In The Press

Here are some highlights of this past month press coverage.

Using Maple to Enhance Student’s Understanding of Numerical Integration
The Mathematics Teacher, Nov. 25, 2009

Extract: “Today’s technology (tools such as Maple) can help students understand numerical integration in a way that would be impossible otherwise. Using technology such as Maple, students can see for themselves that not every function has an antiderivative with an elementary formula and that some numerical methods are dramatically more efficient than previously learned techniques.”
Mathematics and Modeling Made Easy
Scientific Computing World , November 20, 2009

Extract: “Just when you firmly believe it could not be made much simpler to use, the developers have done it yet again. Maple 13 has many new interesting features, but the most overwhelming is in the area of usability. Having been away from the program for a short while, it was relatively easy to glide right in and begin calculations without any pain and suffering.”

Solving Unwanted Engine Noise, Vibration Saves Time, Money
Design News , November 18, 2009

Extract: “By analyzing the simulation results, Ligier reduced the noise by as much as 30 percent. Modeling the engine in Maple allowed him to analyze the symbolic equations, which enabled a more in-depth understanding of the system. The numeric results were plotted and the location of the unwanted vibrations was discovered.”

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.

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