E-Symposium Series - The Evolution of Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation

The Evolution of Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation

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During this presentation, Dr. Richard Gran will discuss the importance of the new multi-domain techniques that are being developed in the industry today. He will draw on his past experiences to illustrate the evolution of multi-domain modeling and simulation over 5 generations. Examples he will discuss include the Lunar Excursion Module from the 1960s; the Tokamk Fusion Test Reactor Hardware from the 1970s; the X-29, a forward swept wing aircraft design from the 1980s; a magnetically levitated train design from the 1990s; and a home heating system model from the current decade.

Formerly with Grumman Corp. as Director of Advanced Concepts, Dr. Gran was a member of the Control System design team that created the digital flight control system for the Apollo Lunar Module. He is presently President and CEO of the Mathematical Analysis Company where he has had extensive long-term contracts for the US space and defense community in the areas of system simulation and control design.

Please note that this video was filmed in a previous version of MapleSim.