Custom Palettes, Snippets, and Task Templates - Maplesoft

Custom Palettes, Snippets, and Task Templates

In this seminar, Dr. Lopez details how to create a Custom Palette, how to populate it with Task Templates, and how to create Tasks "on the fly" through Maple’s Context Menu.

This seminar assumes that participants are familiar with the process of constructing (in a Maple document) a working Math App. (Those not familiar with this process should see the Webinar "A Guide to Coding Embedded Components.") However, it will detail the process of turning the Math App into a Task Template.

As an example, Dr. Lopez shows how he captured in Task Templates, the syntax-heavy commands of the geom3d package, and tucked all these templates into a Geometry3D package. He'll even solve some "lines and planes" problems with these new tools.