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Building Better Math: Engaging High School Students with Applied Problems

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Explore the ease and flexibility of using the Building Better Math database of applied problems for high school students.

The database is embedded in Maple TA and allows teachers to create assignments from an array of problems that apply math concepts in areas like algebra, functions and graphing, geometry, logarithms and exponents, and trigonometry. The questions address issues in real world careers from a wide range of leading industries, including engineering, geosciences, health care, forensics, renewable resources, oceanography, and architecture, and have been designed by subject matter experts at BCIT. BCIT Mathematics Department faculty will demonstrate features of the database, and how Building Better Math in Maple TA:

  • generates a different question for every student, each time, enhancing collaborative learning by encouraging students to discuss the problem-solving process and not just the answer
  • grades automatically
  • can provide instant feedback, immediately reinforcing successful strategies
  • includes fully worked step-by-step solutions, available to students at your discretion
  • is available 24/7

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