Transmission Modeling with MapleSim - Maplesoft

Transmission Modeling with MapleSim

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In this webinar, Paul Goossens, Director of Applications Engineering at Maplesoft, will present a collection of components, transmission sub-assemblies and full-powertrain examples that facilitate the use of these components in various applications. Additionally, this collection offers advanced features, such as more detailed engine models and the ability to include empirical loss data for all the components.

Paul Goossens is a mechanical engineer with over twenty years experience in the application of advanced technologies for solving engineering problems. He has built a strong reputation as an expert in real-time applications, particularly in high-fidelity simulation of mechatronic systems for HIL applications, spending a good part of his career promoting model-based methodologies within the automotive industry.

Please note that this video was filmed in a previous version of MapleSim.