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Physical Models of Automotive Batteries for EV and HEV Applications

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The automotive industry is in transformation. New generation vehicles deploying hybrid, fully electric, and fuel cell powerplants are presenting significant challenges to automotive engineers. The complexity of the automobile has increased exponentially in the past decades with higher performance components and digital control. This has triggered a design revolution in the industry which stresses detailed modeling and simulation steps prior to committing to metal and plastic. With new generation vehicles the need for advanced physical modeling solutions is considerably greater due to increasing system complexity, and the battery is becoming one of the most critical components in alternative powerplant development.

This webinar covers new approaches to modeling and simulation for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and fully electric vehicle (EV) applications with particular emphasis on the development of high fidelity physical models of automotive batteries. Conventional lead-acid but also NiMH and lithium battery models will be presented. Additionally, the speaker will discuss the use of software solutions that deploy symbolic techniques for high-fidelity physical modeling and how he has found the symbolic approach to physical modeling to be an effective way to develop simulation models that have very high fidelity, compared to conventional modeling tools, and fast real-time speeds for HIL testing.

Please note that this video was filmed in a previous version of MapleSim.