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A Guide to Evaluating Maple 17

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Now that you’ve received your evaluation copy of Maple, you may be wondering what you can do with it! This webinar, presented by Dr. Robert Lopez, Maple Fellow and Emeritus Professor from the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, will provide you with tips and techniques that will help you get started with Maple 17.

Dr. Lopez is an award winning educator in mathematics and is the author of several books. For over a decade, Dr. Lopez has also been a visionary figure in the introduction of math technology into undergraduate education.

In this webinar, Dr. Lopez will show you how to begin using your evaluation copy of Maple, a powerful general purpose math tool designed to provide an environment for educators and students to explore and 'do' math. Used creatively, Maple 17 can help students learn better and faster. It can illuminate theory, clarify the abstract and give form and substance to general principles.