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Maplesoft Solutions for Advanced Financial Modeling

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Maplesoft provides the essential math environment for financial and quantitative analysts. With the most powerful symbolic and numeric solvers in the world at their fingertips, analysts can access all of the mathematical, statistical, and code generation tools they need to analyze data and create forecasts, measure risks, and develop econometric and quantitative algorithms to support their market-making strategies.

This webinar will present a demonstration of the many tools available in Maple for advanced financial modeling, as well as accessible tools for personal finance. On the personal finance side, there are tools that can be used for computing with mortgages or retirement packages. The financial modeling tools include a wide range of stochastic processes that can be used to model option prices, such as Brownian motion, Ito processes, an SVJJ process, and more. Maple also includes tools to compose complex processes out of these building blocks. You can also create, manipulate, and analyze many types of financial instruments, such as American, Bermudan, and European options and swaptions and several types of bonds; short rate models; term structures of interest rates; and cash flows. The instruments can then be priced using analytic methods, lattice methods or Monte Carlo simulation - all using one of many date arithmetic conventions.