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Accelerating Control Systems Design with MapleSim with Applications in Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

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MapleSim is quickly being adopted by the automotive, aerospace and other key industries as an essential tool to accelerate both the plant modeling process and real time execution for HIL testing. MapleSim provides flexible physical modeling tools to reduce the plant development time from months to days. For HIL, MapleSim-generated models can increase real time performance to the point that previously infeasible applications finally become feasible. Collectively, these benefits have been recognized by the engineering community looking for innovative modeling techniques to overcome emerging challenges such as green engineering or “X by wire” applications (automotive). This Webinar introduces the core MapleSim techniques for achieving these results. Examples and demonstrations adapted from real industrial applications, as well as a look inside the technology that powers these advantages will be presented.
Please note that this video was filmed in a previous version of MapleSim.